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September 7, 2007

I love Fridays, they have good Feng Shui.

Sobakowa has Furry Shui.

Do you believe in Feng Shui? Can you change your life and get lovin' or travel or money or harmony or whatever it is you need to flow by decorating according to the rules of the octagon? I'm going to try it this weekend. Drew made me a diagram of my living room, because I was maybe not so much understanding the concept. (I did flip through a feng shui book once, doesn't that make me an expert?)

And by "I'm going to try it this weekend" what I mean is "I am going to look at this diagram and paint my toenails and wonder how much wine is required." Mostly what I want to do is find the magic windchime or whathaveyou to put in my travel corner that will transport me to someplace with no deadlines and excellent croissants and strong coffee and guys that look like that guy from "The Transporter" movies mysteriously appearing to carry my luggage, tell me my shoes are cute, and take me to dinner. HELLO, FUNG SHUI DO YOU HAVE A SOLUTION TO THAT?

Hope ya'll have a nice weekend! May your feng be funny and your shui be full of croissants!


Posted by laurie at September 7, 2007 10:06 AM