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September 24, 2007

Monday Breaking News

I survived the torrential downpour of 2007
We did indeed have rain, and the city went nutso. We got a full inch of rain in the valley -- and keep in mind we only got a total of three inches of rain all last year -- so of course my street flooded and there were mudslides in Griffith Park and power went out across the city. Because of rain. I called my parents so they could HEAR the amazing NATURAL EVENT taking place, but living in Florida they were not really all that impressed. Faith called me as it was pouring down and we marveled that there are places of the country that have this happen regularly. We are maybe silly.

Cast on, bubbas! (Or, "Who is that squeaky cracker?")
Brenda Dayne of Cast On interviewed some weird goofy redneck-sounding chatterbox for her podcast. Also, she lives in Wales! Doesn't that sound pretty and green and rolling hillsy and sheep-filled and knitterly? I live in Encino-adjacent. We have excellent honking. Anyway, you know when you hear yourself on tape and you think, "Who's that? That's not me! I could have sworn I sounded like Demi Moore! That is NOT my voice!" Well, that's what ran through my head when I listened to this podcasting thing. That and "Get thee to a speech coach ASAP!" But alas, apparently that is my voice. Hand me a drink, will you?

Even though I prefer to be the one doing the interviewing (amen) Brenda was one of those folks who just "clicked" and I felt like I'd known her forever. She's warm and witty and even discussed with me in great detail what a "fry-up" breakfast is, which I am dying to try. I am all about the fried.

Packing Light: Is it humanly possible for a packrat?

It has dawned on me finally that I should probably learn here in the next week or so how to do this mystical thing called "packing light" because during one five-day stretch in October I believe I am on six different airplanes, four different cars, a speedboat and a bucking bronco. I have never been someone who could pack light, but I know it can be done because a work friend of mine is going to Barcelona in a few weeks -- yes, she is going to another country, mind you -- and all she is taking is a carry on bag. I almost felt my heart attack me when she told me this detail. I began to quiz her, "Are you taking underwear? Socks? Pajamas? Xanax? Something to read on the plane? Your mind, is it OK? Should you reconsider? Do you have an umbrella?" And on and on. Finally I decided she could only do this because she's so tiny and skinny, her clothes must take up less space.

I myself have never traveled light. On our three-day trip to New York I took a suitcase the size of a Yugo. If you have any helpful suggestions that are sensitive to the fact that I am not going to give up fashion for comfort (see: heels, very high) any time soon, please let me know.

And also .. speaking of shoes...
I have apparently enormous, gigantor freakishly huge CALVES. because there is not a single cute knee-high boot out there that will fit me (aside from these stretchy ones, and they're fine in a pinch but they feel so... vinyl, you know?) Do other people have this problem? Am I the only tree-trunk-calf person out here? Where are the knee boots for the thick girls? Can we get some love?

That's it from Nuttyangeles today. We're back to sunny and hot so beware of future complaining about heatwaves and so on. Thank goodness complaining burns up so many calories!

It does, right? Right?

- - -
[Edited to add: I spent the better part of coffee time deleting 5,679 spam comments. All comments are now off except on the current day's post. Spam is so icky! It's the scabies of the internet!]

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