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August 23, 2007

Thursday Top Five(ish)

1) News from the brain front is looking very good! Evan came out of surgery and is recovering. You can follow his progress on mom Allison's website. My inner hippie truly believes that thoughts and vibes and prayers help, and I thank you. Later my inner hippie will reminisce about that year when I wore nothing but broomstick skirts and earth shoes and went a full eight days without shaving my legs before my inner Sorority Girl kicked in. THANK GOD.

And thank you again :)

2) I have finally recovered enough from my weekend of home improvement -- yes, last weekend -- to type up the whole story of how I communed with 60 years of dust mites and did so much manual labor I had ACTUAL BLISTERS. On my hands. In fact, for four days my hands were too tired to type, so most of this week I have sent emails such as "Ok sound gud" and "Hi, send monkeys."

Anyway, look forward to reading about the possibly most ambitious thing I have ever undertaken in a home improvement setting, all revealed tomorrow. Today I am still trying to find the right precautionary statement to adhere to this story ... something like, "The Surgeon General has determined that home improvement can make you happy and hurty in equal amounts!"

3) She really hates being left alone in a house full of cats all day.


4) Did you notice the very exciting "Coming Soon! Win Stuff" graphic there on the right side of the page? Looks like Tom is going to try to grab the booty for Jane. That Tom, always trying to grab the booty. I love sweepstakes, but especially this one because I get to draw the names out of the proverbial hat. AND I already know what the prizes are! You can start your engines on September 4... cats everywhere are dreading this sweepstakes. I am just saying is all.

5) Hurricane season is here. I have not heard the word "Yucatan" so many times in my life. If you say it long enough, it sounds like a cross between a banana and an allergic reaction to soup. "Yucatan!" "Yucatan!" I might start saying it instead of "Salud!" Like I need more quirks.

6) Speaking of quirks.

Tuesday at 11 a.m.: Receive PDF of book back cover copy. Send two changes to editor Allison (not to be confused with Evan's mom Allison. I am no longer accepting friends named Allison or Sara or Jennifer, by the way. Lots of space for Emilys and Robertas, though!)

Tuesday, 11:22 a.m.: Re-read back cover copy. Wonder why the word "neurotic" keeps coming back to describe me. I am SO not neurotic!

Tuesday, 11:24 a.m.: Am I neurotic?

Tuesday, 11:24:32 a.m.: I am totally not neurotic. I'm colorful. I'm Southern for chrissakes. We're hardy, hearty, hardyharhar types. That is totally NOT neurotic.

Tuesday, 11:25 a.m.: Call Drew to make him tell me I am definitely NOT neurotic.

Tuesday, 11:34 a.m. - Wednesday 6:12 a.m: Worry about the word neurotic being inserted repeatedly by my friends at HCI who LOVE me and also are the LIFE ISSUES publisher and do they know something I do not know and why does this word keep showing up? It's like the leopard kleenex cozy! Geez!

Wednesday, 6:14 a.m.: Call Allison (in my defense, she's on the East Coast, OK?) and leave long message hoping it isn't too late to remove the word "neurotic" from back cover copy because clearly am not neurotic. Really now.

Wednesday, 7:10 a.m.: Still have not heard back, send follow up email. Not being neurotic, merely being my Southern businesslike and expedient self.

Wednesday, 7:32 a.m.: Allison leaves voicemail saying yes we can remove it and also, when she writes her expose on the publishing industry, can she use this story of the time an author badgered her neurotically to remove the word "neurotic" from back cover copy?


- - -

So, have a lovely, healthy, inner-hippie-lovin' non-neurotic rest of your day. I will just be over here patting myself on the back for being so...uh. Businesslike and expedient.


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