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August 1, 2007

Progress and problem areas ....

There aren't a lot of pictures of the house in its most perilously cluttered state. I was ashamed of it, and overwhelmed by it, and photographing the seemingly insurmountable and possibly dangerous problem didn't seem like a good idea.

The few pictures I have show only the edges of the clutter, but it's enough to see where I was back then and how far I have come which is kind of a good way to start a month of home improvement. I've been giving myself a hard time for stagnating, spending so many months and weeks fantasizing about some far-away perfect future instead of making my actual real-life a cozy, happy place. But maybe I just needed a little rest. Maybe.

The huge clutter problem happened mainly in the "office." Also known as "Oh God do not go in there, it's scary." The bedroom and bathroom have nevr had a clutter problem because they're so tiny, and I was careful to keep only what I needed in those rooms. The living room has been clean a lot of the time, but still gets its share of accumulated stuff... however, since I spend most of my time in that room, watching TV or reading on the sofa or just looking out the pretty window onto the backyard, I have tried to keep it tidy. The kitchen table often becomes a holding place for stuff but I think that's kind of normal. Right?

But that office, it was just a mess. It still gives me hives thinking about how much I have to do in there because it's really still very cluttered. But when I first moved in, the boxes were actually stacked high enough that the cats had no problem at all getting into the cubbies near the ceiling. THAT IS CRAZY. But I definitely wasn't exaggerating about the boxes:

In this picture you can see the adorable Sobakowa waiting for HER kitty pi to dry on the impromptu blocking form (that story is here.) But look in the background, see the view into the Bad Place? see the boxes? That was Very Very Bad.

Later I started pulling things out of boxes and into piles, sorting what would stay and what would become my Very First Yard Sale.

Yeah. It was a process.

There is still a large pile of ... stuff.

This month I am going to get through that pile one way or another and deal with the assorted stuff that remains. I want this room to be pretty and functional and nice.

The old desk and wobbly chair went the way of the yard sale, and now I have these two old computers. I've been putting off donating or selling them because I need to wipe the hard drives. When you donate computers, they say it's not enough to just delete your personal information, you must also really clean the hard drive, erasing the data for your security. One of my tasks this month is to figure out what to use to scour the data and leave the operating system intact. Then I have to decide whether or not to donate them or try to sell them. Either way, it needs to get done and it's not going to magically happen by gnomes in the middle of the night. Those damn electronics have gathered dust in this room for almost three years!

This space used to have all kinds of junk seated on a big Ikea bookcase. Now it holds my office supplies and ... THE WALL O' YARN.

I know I need to make another decluttering pass through the office supplies and get rid of things I am no longer using. Yarn doesn't get decluttered!

So that's the main problem area of the house from a clutter standpoint. I'm really tired of waiting until tomorrow, next week, next weekend, that day I have off work (not likely), next month... before I get this room finally cleaned up and decorated. And truthfully, if I could really be ruthless with the remaining junk I bet I could even use this room as a painting studio. The very thought gives me little goosebumps. I'm not a great painter but i sure do love painting, and I haven't picked up a paintbrush or touched a canvas since I moved to this house. The light in this room is lovely, I think it would make an amazing studio

Bob agrees!

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