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August 15, 2007

Only the good die young. Except for the peppers...

One of the things I am trying to work on right now is to stop worrying about events that have not even happened yet. This has nothing at all to do with gardening. But if you could play back the chatter that goes on in my mind on a tape recorder, it would sound like a continual rehashing of events that have not yet transpired. As if worry can stave off future evil.

I maybe am crazy.

In other news, these guys wanted to hop on the Karmic wheel sooner than I expected:


That's Rosemary and Oregano, deader than last year's tomato plants. They developed some weird infestation of flying bugs and the person in charge of watering these plants got grossed out because everytime she would water them the bugs would fly up. She is maybe fired from gardening.

Except she's done an awesome job on the plants that sit near the sprinklers and get regular waterings, such as ... marjoram?

It is dark at 5 a.m. and spooky.

Yes, that is the largest marjoram plant I have ever seen and I am growing it in my backyard. It's lovely and smells amazing. This little plant was a freebie last-minute grab (it was one of those "buy five herbs get the sixth seedling free" things) and it's grown and quadubiliionupled in size and I have no idea what do do with a bushel of marjoram so if you have any ideas ... please share!

My lone bell pepper is rockin' the Christmas colors:


And the other peppers, my Dad's Chili Pequin babies, are doing really great! I planted them in all areas of the yard, both in pots and in the ground. The ones in the shaded pots and the raised beds are doing great, the plants in full sun and even partial-plus-sun either died or shriveled up. California has really intense sun, it's not like other places I've lived. Maybe our protective coating of smog intensifies the sun's something-or-other.

Peppers en masse:


Look, little green pequins!


I haven't spent much time at all in the yard the past couple of weeks, it's been scorching on the weekends or I've been tied up with other things, and it's scary with all the zucchini. And of course I have had to attend to all my imaginary worrying about future events that have not even yet taken place.

But with Francisco gone, the yard is surprisingly lush and low-maintenance. I don't know how one man could make so much go wrong in one yard but Lord he did have a talent for killing things.

Perhaps he snuck in for one last go at those rosemary and the oregano? Perhaps?


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