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August 8, 2007

Knitting vicariously through books...

One of my favorite dorky activities is living vicariously through knitting books. They're kind of like porn. And in the summer when it's so hot and I'm so currently obsessed with home improvement, I have not been a very productive knitter (I did swatch that awesome Ozark Handspun yarn, it's so FURRY. I wonder if I will wear that scarf and be mistaken for wearing a furry animal around my neck?) but I still love looking through knitting books, flipping through their glossy gorgeous pages and making plans for winter nights and hot adult beverages.

My two current favorite books just came out in the past few weeks:


That's Annie Modesitt's Romantic Hand Knits there on the left and the Yarn Girls' Guide To Knits For All Seasons on the right.

First up: Annie Modesitt's Romantic Hand Knits

This is hands-down by far my most favorite of all Annie's books. IT IS GORGEOUS! I love the knitted silk stockings and the tips on embroidery (everyone I know is taking up embroidery ... I learned as a little girl, but I definitely need a refresher course) and Annie's trademark fitted styles are photographed throughout the whole book in lush, amazing images.

Annie always shapes her garments to fit women with curves. I know that there are three women in my Stitch 'n Bitch group who could pull this dress off and look super hot:

Sara, Cory and Denise... I am talking to YOU.

And this little sweater is the perfect shape for my shape:

Annie is also an expert hatmaker and this book has tips on making hats, along with crochet tips and those amazing silk hand-knit stockings. It's a beautiful, amazing book. I love it!

Next: The Yarn Girls' Guide To Knits For All Seasons
The Yarn Girls' books are some of my favorite knitting books. I know that if I ever attempt to make my very first sweater, it will be a Yarn Girls' sweater. Their explanations are clear and make sense to even a math-challenged individual such as myself, and they make knitting seem completely do-able and relaxing.

This in fact is the very sweater I would knit first time out of the barn:

And I am definitely making this shawl, I love it and it's my favorite stitch combo of knits and yarnovers:

I love the super-cute guy sweaters in this book, too. You'll have to excuse my awful picture-taking but I was a little sleep-deprived and hadn't yet been fully caffeinated when I took these images, but both books are full of cuteness. I love knitting books the way some folks like coffee table art books. They're the perfect combination of craft and ... yarn porn. hee.

And because I got these books as review copies, I thought I would share the love and give them both to the first person who posts that they really, really REALLY want these awesome books. Happy Wednesday! EDITED TO ADD: Jules was first! Yay for free books!

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