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August 20, 2007

Knitting? On a Monday? In the summertime? Are you insane?

Apparently, yes. I am insane.

I am SO GLAD I brought my knitting bag on the bus this morning. Traffic was at less than a crawl, in some places I was certain we were moving backwards. In Los Angeles when you see helicopters hovering over the 101 at rush hour, you can safely assume you have a lot of time for becoming one with the bus seat ... and for knitting up a scarf!


This is one of my favorite Patons yarns, Patons Rumor. It's very soft and comes in funky twisted-together colors and did I mention it is very, very soft? The label says it is 84% Acrylic, 15% Alpaca and 1% Polyester. The only downside to this yarn is that you need a lint roller from head to toe after you knit with it, I felt like I'd just rolled around in a pile of long-haired Himalayan cats when I got off the bus. Hello, work! I am very professional... and hairy!

Main color "Spanish Heather" with contrast stripes in "Duberry Heather."

This is a very simple, very wide rib stitch. Cast on 26 stitches, knit 2, purl 6 all the way across (and end with knit 2). Then on the flipside you do... the flip-side: purl 2, knit 6 all the way across, end on purl 2. It created the illusion of mostly stockinette without the extreme rolling you get with stockinette stich. It does roll, don't get me wrong, but not into a full tube o' scarf.

Oh, and since I am a SupaTight Knitter™ I'm knitting this scarf on size 11 needles, but you might be normal and only need a size 10. or 9. Whatever!

The most awesome part of the scarf is the striping. If you read The DaVinci Code you might remember where one of the characters mentions the mystical balanced mathematical concept behind the world's great art. It had something to do with blah blah blah. Anyway, I had Drew explain it to me and I'm following the pattern for striping this scarf and it's turning out awesome. Of course, I've gotten to a place where I have begun to improvise (Lord why can't I follow even a pattern that I wanted to follow? why?) I guess I got bored somewhere around Sunset Blvd. and started fiddling with it. I think it will turn out OK, though. Once I'm all done with this scarf I'll post a whole pattern and Drew's super-stripey explanation.

In other news, my new assistant has vanished. I am blaming his disappearance on another equally be-tied coworker:



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