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August 14, 2007

Hello, Tuesday!

We have arrived at that most uncomfortable portion of the summer that I often refer to as "Why the hell don't I live in Norway?" I love the Valley, I truly do, but on days when it's 106 degrees in the shade it's hard to have the energy to even complain ... and ya'll know complaining is my primary way of burning calories. When it's this hot I'm practically missing my cardio.

Over the weekend I got to hang out with Allison and Faith, chitchatting and visiting and making little squares for the blanket Allison is taking to the hospital when Evan gets his surgery. I can't believe it's just a week and a day away. Please keep that little family in your thoughts.

Two of my awesomest friends. Awesomest is SO a word.

The first square I made was a plain stockinette thing, and Faith had to crochet a border on it because of my rockin' powers of SupaTight Knitting™ (we all joked later that I had created an impermeable barrier of stockinette... no water will penetrate! no cold air can break through! nothing will pass through my impermeable barrier of stockinette!) And even though people try to tell me all the ways to loosen up (heh) I will admit to secretly enjoying being the World's Tightest Knitter. It makes me feel in control of the yarn, and for Control Enthusiasts everywhere this sentiment will ring a bell and make you say amen.

For other people, those with less issues, please judge silently to yourselves.

And then Allison gave me a little skein of Mission Falls wool in a pretty green to make another square for the blanket and I went up a needle size (again) to a size 9 (I would probably have to go up to an 11 to make gauge) (hee!) and I decided to get really buckwild crazy and make a Magic Scarf type of square, but instead of alternating blocks of stockinette, I'm doing this one with blocks of stockinette and blocks of seed stitch:

This is my first time knitting with Mission Falls wool, and I am a total convert. This yarn is so soft!

It's the same concept as the Magic Scarf, but instead of stacking up blocks of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch, you add in alternating blocks of seed stitch (here I'm doing: Purl 1, Knit 1, Purl 1, Knit 1, Purl 1). It's very easy but gives this square a really neat texture. I think I'm going to try this on very bulky (but not fuzzy) yarn and see how it looks bigger, in a scarf. I love me a scarf. It's just a swatch, but longer!

Close up, with weird color (thanks, close-up lens):

Of course, thanks to my issues, this square also needs a crochet border. I do not know how to make a crochet border, so I'll either have to magically learn this evening or magically appear on Faith's doorstep. Hi! Howya doing! Want to crochet a border for me?

Knitting just a little bit of blanket reminded me how much I miss knitting. I hope it gets cold soon. Sweating on wool is bad news. Of course, if you're me, it's an impermeable barrier of wool...

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