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July 24, 2007

Odds 'n ends, Tuesday edition

Ah, back to work! My inbox runneth over.

Valley Woman In Guinness Book Of World Records For Overdeveloped Left Calf Muscle; Constant clutch usage in traffic cited as deciding factor
Even though summer is supposed to be a lighter rush-hour season (school's out and so on) the road to perdition...er, downtown ... has been lined with cars on fire, cars overturned and cars in general stages of stoppage for the past two days. And even though I am spending the better part of three hours out of each day sitting in traffic, this week is a vast improvement over last week because I am safely seated on the nice, comfortable air-conditioned commuter bus. Until it catches on fire, I guess. Hey, it's happened before!

Peeping Tomette Stares Out Bus Window - Film Footage At Eleven
Now that I am no longer frantically knitting projects for the youknowwhat or frantically editing pages or frantically melting down quietly to myself, I have time to read or listen to my ipod or just stare out the window as I sit on the aforementioned bus. (Truth be told I could use some frantic right now. Anyway. Moving on.) I love staring out the window, quiet, watching people go by in their cars and wondering where they work, if they're going home alone or to a family or to three cats and a pile of laundry. Someday I won't be commuting (please please, amen) but until then I try to look at it as the one space out of my day where I don't have to phone anyone or answer email or do the dishes or animate banner ads or decode usage reports. Just sit.

Previous Years' Hobby Suffering From Global Warming; Scientists Say Shopping Still Unharmed
I ordered this amazing, gorgeous Ozark Handspun yarn from the Atlanta yarn shop Knitch a few weeks ago:


Isn't it beautiful? I love wacky, deconstructed, messy yarn. I think it's beautiful. I don't know what I'm going to make from it, right now it's just sitting in a bowl on my kitchen table. It's too damn hot to touch wool right now.

Hotness Spreads To All Valley Inhabitants
Bob belly, so cute.

Local Blockbuster Card Experiences Heavy Usage While Marlboro Man Still Unavailable
So, I've been having a remarkably bad few weeks. My favorite way of dealing with Very Bad Ick is to smoke alone on the patio with a gallon of wine. Unfortunately, I still have about 8520 days until I turn 60 and can smoke again, so until then I've been turning to other mind-and-body rotting ways of keeping sane, namely eating popcorn and watching TV. I love watching those movies that get you all wrapped up in the plot and you forget everything else, suspension of Icky Reality for two hours! My favorites are action-adventure movies like the Bourne series, spy-intrigue-action drama thrillers. I rented Breach and Shooter last week, both very good (love me some Mark Wahlberg. I'm available Marky Mark! Call me!) but I'm running out of tried-and-true selections so if you have any recommendations for great mind-rot movies, please let me know! Nothing with a sad ending, nothing weepy.

- - -

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print on the internet, home of presidential candidates debating on YouTube. Yesterday I was in the elevator and we have TV in the elevator because we're all swank that way, and there was Anderson Cooper (hello, Anderson!) moderating a Presidential Candidates' Debate for the internet. And for just a moment I paused. Because I have been kind of out of it lately. And I cocked my head to the side like a puzzled puppy. Because ... whoa... is the election this November? It is, right? Because I am already tired of it and it's just July!

Then I realized this is 2007 and the election isn't until NEXT November.

It's enough to make you run toward a Marky Mark movie.

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