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July 9, 2007

Knitting-related insanity: The good, the bad and the downright devious!

I have not done any knitting at all since last Monday when the San Fernando Valley stopped being habitable and fit for humans and instead turned into the deathly cauldron of hotness. It's not right. Why do I live here? Why didn't I move to MooseJaw Canada back when I was half-crazy and drunk in my divorcing insomnia and thought that was a viable option? I mean aside from the fact that I love the Valley and seem to be trapped in an abusive relationship with it, why do I stay?

So once again I am just going to talk about knitting but not actually do any any!

First, the good:
Have ya'll seen these amazing "knitted" cupcakes?


This lady not only shows off her amazing sugary goodness and artistic prowess with the marzipan, she also gives a fine tutorial on how to make your own!

- - -

Next, the bad:
I am just doing something truly evil here because you shouldn't string folks along ... don't you hate it when someone says, "I have a secret..." and then they keep you in the dark? I do! But anyway, do as I say, not as I do!

Anyway! There is a goofy knitting-related contest a' brewing here in my head. I hope you have air conditioning and a cat, that is all I have to say about that. Or a picture of a cat. Or a dog you can pretend is a cat. This will all make sense in a few weeks, when I unveil what is sure to be The Most Ridiculous Contest I Have Ever Done. Also, the only contest I have done thus far but you know ... Contests! Fun! Dorky! And HCI is kicking in for prizes so it's not like all you're winning is a zucchini from my garden. BUT IF YOU DID WANT A ZUCCHINI I CAN ACCOMMODATE THAT REQUEST.

- - -

Finally, the downright devious...
Speaking of contests, author Karin Slaughter is having a well and truly twisted contest on her website right now... and I was going to put the serial-murdering knitted items right here but instead, ya'll just see for your ownselves. She is offering the patterns free as a PDF download (free patterns!) and if you complete a project and send in a picture by August 20, you could win some knitting awesomeness in the prizes. (For those who don't knit, check out her SIT contest... the woman is a bit of a marketing mastermind. Also, she kills people in her books which I informed her via email is a strategy I am planning to work into my next novel... Drunk, On Vacation and Burying The Bodies....)

So that's it for Monday stuff. Hope your day is full of contests and cupcakes and cats and zucchini. And if you feel like sharing cupcakes, feel free to stop by my office around noontime, thanks! But don't bother bringing any zucchini. REALLY.

Posted by laurie at July 9, 2007 9:28 AM