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July 31, 2007


Finally, what has been the longest awfulest month is ENDING. I have been looking forward to July 31 since about July 5th. If I can make it through the next few hours with nothing catching on fire, breaking, dying, getting sick, costing hundreds of dollars, and more dollars, and general abject tomfoolery then I will have Made It Through July 2007, and that is something.

Hello, how are you?

Just a few little things in more of what has been the Boringest Month Of Posts Ever...

• I have been doing a lot of home-improvement lately, so in August you will be seeing more pictures of my house than you possibly ever wanted. I have also been trolling the internet late at night for design inspiration (Dear Insomnia, please go away now. Your pal, Laurie.) Thanks to Elizabeth S. For pointing me toward this website full of inspired bookcases, this one being my favorite:

From Richardson Sadeki via Desire To Inspire. Click pic to enlarge.

Susannah had a fridge that was bassackwards like mine. She fixed it herself with a toolbox and female know-how with pictures, too. I love pictures of where people live, don't you? I am very nosy that way. (There was a long parenthetical here and it is gone because apparently I still am bad at communicating. As it turns out... July! Still sucking!)

For the record, my doors remained where they were. If you moved them the fridge wouldn't clear the cabinets when it opened. It's fine. I have not suffered.

• Yak Lovers Unite, because we never use the word "yak" enough in a sentence. This via email: "For Shokay's online design competition, each participant/team will submit a yak outfit, comprised of three garments creates from Shokay knitting yarn. Submit your three-piece yakfit to one of three categories: Most Creative – Most Elegant – Most Adorable. All pieces must be original."

Well, of course all pieces must be original! You would not want to plagiarize your neighbor's yak outfit. Duh!

I'm a little unclear on whether or not you're making an outfit for a person or for a yak, but still, I just love this website, I have to tell you. I think they have a good sense of humor... they're calling the submissions "Yakfits." Let me know if you submit something. I am dying to find out how one gets an outfit on a yak.

Also, just one more time for the record: Yak!

Karin Slaughter is funny. She's also addicted to YouTube, but please don't tell anyone that I am spreading that news around town. I mean, she murders people in her books. But she also has a new YouTube video. She's a Goober.

• Thank you to June for sending me an email with amazing pictures of wacky-amazing Japanese watermelons and other coolio fruit shapes. Yes I said "Coolio" because I am so street... like from five years ago. Okay, maybe seven.

From PingMag. Click pic to enlarge.

So that's it. That wraps up the July of Ick. Here's hoping that August is full of funky fruit shapes, goodlooking yaks and more Venus than Uranus.

Posted by laurie at July 31, 2007 11:05 AM