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July 19, 2007

Class Dynamics

This training seminar I'm taking couldn't have come at a better time. It's a great way to keep your mind focused. The only downside is that I am attending this class at an office building right by LAX. Just mention something as foolhardy as "take the 405 from Encino to LAX each day -- and back -- at rush hour" to anyone in the Southern California region and you will see actual shudders of pain.

So, I got an email this week from Laouida Dunn, who asked "Did you really live in Columbus, Mississippi?"

Laouida, why would anyone make up a thing like that? yes I did really live in Columbus and that is in fact where I got my very first ever new car, a Volkswagon Fox. I do not know if you remember that car but it was a small metal box and one of the luxurious options you could pay extra for was a passenger-side door mirror. It was not even a standard feature.

So I loved that car, I truly did, it was red and it was a four speed and was probably held together with glue and rubber bands but I loved it. And in a three-month period it was also:

• attacked by a deer on 182 at night
• somewhat accidentally navigated into a Volvo in a parking lot while someone, I cannot imagine who, was backing up
• the victim of a tree, an entire TREE, falling on it

When my dad asked the State Farm agent how many Acts of God a girl my age could logically sustain in a three-month period, the agent said, "Well, it depends on how mad He is at her, I guess."

I loved Mississippi. My vehicle, not so much.

- - -

Several folks asked about the status of the poo pile in the neighbor's backyard. I am honestly touched that ya'll care about the air quality here in Encino-Adjacent!

Mrs. Lee was complaining about it the other day, she spends more time in nature than I do. But I don't think anything has been done about it. What is interesting to me is that these neighbors have a big swimming pool in their backyard and I know they use it on the weekends because you can hear them back there and you can especially here the horrible EuroDisco music they love to play loudly enough for the neighborhood to enjoy. Anyway, the poop mountain is right next to the pool, maybe five feet away, somewhat hidden by the garden shed. You KNOW they must be smelling it as they splash around. What kind of people sunbathe next to a pile of dog crap?

I mean really.

- - -

And there have been questions about the safety of the backyard since the Zucchini Invasion of 2007.

I honestly haven't been very up-to-snuff (hah, snuff) on my gardening or anything lately. I assume they're back there, growing big as Volkswagons. I'll be sure to check on them this weekend. Maybe I will leave one on the poop neighbor's doorstep in the middle of the night.

Hope ya'll are having a fine week and avoiding the 405 at rush hour. If I have missed any questions, please let me know. I was deleting comment spam and got sidetracked by the eleventy nine ways that numnuts spell Viagra. I would like to meet one of these comment spammers in a dark alley.

I will be the one walking softly and carrying a big zucchini.

Posted by laurie at July 19, 2007 6:51 AM