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June 20, 2007

Mid-week Round-Up, like a rodeo but with less cows! We do have chickens, though!

Hi. My name is Laurie and sometimes I get two weeks behind in my life and now, on a day like today when I am caught up to only being ten days behind in living my life, I have things to share of an urgent and also list-filled nature.

Such as, #1: I think whoever moved your cheese is also infecting my cheese with mold.
Because folks, it does not matter how expediently I try to eat up all the cheese, the more expensive it is (see: Whole Foods shaved parmeseano regiasomethingo) the more quickly it sprouts forth with green hairy mold. I am tired of things molding in the fridge. And futhermore, I would like to have a cute man in red bikini pants bring me drinks with little umbrellas in them. Which has nothing to do with cheese, but suddenly I thought of vacation and you know, thoughts collide.

Which brings me to #2: I totally stacked the deck on the okra.
Today is Wednesday, Farmer's Market Day in downtown Los Angeles. The market happens to have one single lone seller that carries fresh okra. I bought a mess of it last week to cook along with my lone okra pod and it was GOOD. I now have a bountiful harvest this week of one more okra pod and I plan to make it part of a family and eat him forthrightly with much flourish and frying in cornmeal. Amen.

If you want my recipe for fried okra, it's right here!

This was my dinner last Wednesday night. And so shall it be this Wednesday night. This is what summer tastes like!

Important Item #3: I am Talking to YOU, Great American Author To-Be!
Get our your writing fingers and your adjectives, because I just got word that the Chicken Soup For The Divorced Soul book is now accepting essays for publication.

The guidelines: Share your insightful, hopeful and heartfelt stories in Chicken Soup for the Divorced Soul and you’ll have the chance to win the Grand Prize of:
• $350.00 cash
• Publication of your story in Chicken Soup for the Divorced Soul (spring 2008)
• Ten (10) signed copies of the book
• The chance to become a local celebrity by having a book signing at your favorite local bookstore
• Don't forget to read the Contest Rules

And even if you don't win the Grand Prize but your essay is accepted, you get a small cash compensation and of course the coolness of being a published author in a well-known bestselling series.

If this sounds good to you, submit your essays to:

(Please make sure you put CAP in the subject line so they know to read ya'll essays first hee hee.) Oh! And you can submit more than one story, but all submissions must be in by July 30, 2007.

More Very Important Updates #4 and Final: Roy is Cute
From the "I will never be asked on a date again after I reveal this fact" file, here is proof that not only am I a big cat lovin' freak, I am also a woman who really needs that wine. I don't just take pictures of my animals, no. Because see that could be explained away. But sometimes I also take video.

Enjoy my spinsterness, folks. Pass the wine!

Posted by laurie at June 20, 2007 10:51 AM