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June 28, 2007

Annie, j'adore.

When my friend Annie was moving halfway across the country with her two young children and her husband, Gerry, she asked me to write a little "guest entry" for her website. I had never done such a thing, and I had no idea what to say since Annie is a well-known Knitting Goddess(TM) and I myself enjoy making rectangles in garter stitch, so I just did what I do best and got personal.

Here is a picture of me and Annie on the one-year anniversary of my divorce:


She had no idea when we met up that night at a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles that we were marking a rather infamous occassion. It was right before Christmas, and cold outside, and things had been threatening to go cold inside me, too. You can be over a thing, for all intents and purposes, and still the anniversary of it stings a little.

We sat at that restaurant with Drew, the Crochet Dude, and we talked and laughed and ate amazing good food and then later, when we practically closed down the joint, we moved on to a local coffee shop and chatted some more. It was Annie's idea to go get coffee, and I was so glad she suggested it! I hadn't had so much fun in weeks and weeks, just gabbing with old friends and relaxing, the three of us sharing ideas and even getting to see a peek at Annie's flip-books, still in concept stage at that point.

There are a lot of things you don't know about Annie Modesitt, like how funny she is, and kind, and how she fills up a whole room with her exuberance and energy. She likes going barefoot, and has two of the most beautiful kids on the planet, and I tell you all these details because I wanted to share with you the one gift Annie gave me that cold night in December. She gave me warmth. I saw the way she talked about her husband, her kids, and the joy on her face just gave me hope and made me think that perhaps somewhere out there, even in a crazy mixed-nuts place like Los Angeles, maybe there is a fit for me, too. And when I speak about him, whenever and whoever he might be, I hope my face lights up the same way hers does about Gerry.

That is a lovely, beloved gift.

I'm sure ya'll have read or heard by now that Annie's husband Gerry was recently diagnosed with cancer. I can't even imagine what she's going through, with the kids, responsibilities, fears, work, the love of your life ... oh, the love of your life.

Annie is offering a pattern right now for a donation, you can find it here. There has also been a website set up by fans in support, We Love Annie, and I hope you will open your heart and your pocketbook if you have it, or send her a card just to say hey to your mama, that kind of thing. Her mailing address is:

Annie Modesitt
1043 Grand Ave.
P.O. Box 117
St. Paul, MN 55105

And if you pray, whomever you pray to, I hope you'll keep that little red-headed family of four in your thoughts and good wishes. They are fireballs, all of them, lovely and adored.

Posted by laurie at June 28, 2007 9:47 AM