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May 2, 2007

Ye Olde Crazyhead

This week has been an insane marathon of hurry-up-and-be-late. Is anyone else having this week? Is it just me? Are you there God, it's me Margaret ... and/or Laurie?

1) Happy Birthday!
Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Happy birthday! You rock! And I don't mean that just because I sent you chicken socks even though you hate chickens and I am kind of trying to assuage my guilt for yet another gag gift. hee. Love you! See you in exactly four weeks and one day!

2) Mo' Mojo
If I can pull fauxrriscopes out of my nether regions this evening I will, in the meantime definitely read Astrologer Phyllis' May forecasts and trends. In her forecast for Cancer this month she says we have mojo attractiveness after the 9th and it lasts all month long. I called Jennifer to read her both her Astrologerphyllisscope and mine, and when I told her about my impending attractiveness, she said, "Oh yeah... you'll be at Trader Joe's on the 9th, the 10th, the 11th..." and we laughed. Then I changed the subject real quicklike. But surely TJ's checkout guy cannot withstand astological hotness? Right? Even it said hotness is maybe a full decade older than he is?

Moving on.


Roy loves his fluffy bunny toy.

4) Personal Growthy Does Not Affect Just Internet Weirdos;
Dry Cleaning Industry Also Growthy, Film Footage At Eleven


5) Update
Lots of folks emailed me to know if there are any updates on Allison's son, Evan. He was very adorable on Sunday and managed to put up with a whole room of women drooling over him, but he is having seizures regularly and Allison and Jeff are actively searching for ways to finance the surgery. You can get all updates at Allison's blog-page, right here. Thank you for the inquiries, I know she appreciates the lurve!
Cuteness is genetic, apparently.

6) And finally...
I know only like four of ya'll care about American Idol but if Blake Lewis read the phone book I'd buy that CD tomorrow. Also, can anyone recommend a bulky but feltable wool...um, other than Paton's Up Country? Especially something they carry at a lot of places, like Michael's or JoAnn's would be good. Any ideas?

Posted by laurie at May 2, 2007 1:18 PM