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May 9, 2007

The smoke gets in your eyes.

Yesterday on the bus ride home I got a few pictures of the backside of the Griffith Park fire:




As of this morning, the news was reporting that the fire might have been started by a fellow on the golf course who threw out a lit cigarette. After he threw it out, apparently he saw that a fire was starting so he tried to put it out and in doing so was burned severly and is now at the burn center in Sherman Oaks.

I'm not sure if this news report is accurate, but let's assume for a minute that it is.

Yes, of course it's a dumbass move to throw a cigarette out in nature here in Los Angeles when it is A) parched from the driest rainy season on record and B) close to 100 degrees outside and C) less than 7% humidity and D) very windy. But all dumbassery aside, don't you know that guy is in his hospital room watching this coverage of the giant blaze roaring toward the Griffith Observatory and encroaching upon the Los Angeles Zoo and threatening to incinerate homes in Los Feliz, and he's thinking, HOLY CRAP. I SHOULD HAVE QUIT AT NEW YEAR'S LIKE I PROMISED.

Also on the news last night they had a small interview with Mayor Villaraigosa, who had just returned from seeing the front lines of the fire. In this interview the Mayor was gesturing with his hands and I saw this:


Doesn't it look like our mayor is wearing one of those purple Complaint Free World bracelets?

Now ya'll know I am all about positivity and trying to use my mind to convince myself that I will not forever keep screwing up and end up in a corner trying to eat my own head. But complaining is my major cardio, I have always said it burns calories, and while I do not complain to excess in my daily life I don't know how one manages to get through traffic without doing so, vigorously.

Drew and I both saw the Oprah show that featured this Complaint Free bracelet thing, and he called me to see if I was going to get one.

Drew: So, are you going to order one of those bracelets?

Me: Well, as soon as I saw them I immediately thought of ten people who I should buy them for, but I myself wasn't on that list.

Drew: Why?

Me: Um. Well. I was already complaining about the color, and I thought perhaps that was a sign I was too far gone a case. I might need something stronger than a bracelet.

Drew: Indeed.

But anyway, it looks like our Mayor is doing his part to rid City Hall of whiners. I like that initiative, and I support anyone who is trying to make positive change. Besides he is already very thin and fit and probably doesn't need the metabolic boost I am sure, just completely sure, we get from complaining.


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