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May 23, 2007

Stitch 'n Pitch


Knitters are the most unique people on earth ... who else could invent something as nutty-fun as "Stitch 'n Pitch" combining baseball, knitting and Dodger Dogs? Oh! And do not forget the ten-dollar beer! Do not spill even a drop... a single ounce of that small plastic cup cost you a buck and a half!

I almost backed out of going last night to the Los Angeles Stitch 'n Pitch event because I wanted to go home and go directly to bed. I'm a weenie, and not just of the Dodger Dog variety (by the way, two days in a row using the word weenie! hee!) but I'd already bought the ticket and I have to admit my curiosity got the best of me. I'm so glad I went! I started fading on about the fourth inning, but it was well worth it. Check out the crowd:


Oh yeah. There is this one other teetiny thing I may have forgot to mention, which is that I am rather deathly afraid of heights. Just a little bit. So when I saw where we were going in the stadium I tried to call in sick again, but Faith was having none of it. It is good to have friends who don't let you back out of stuff. Except when you are in peril of dying from altitude sickness.

You see, Dodger Stadium is climbed in three steps. First there is base camp at the foot of the mountain, Mt. Dodgerest. And that is where in the past I always lived, at Base Camp, also known as "I will pay extra for seats where gravity is still an active force on my body."

If you are a more adventurous climber, you make the trek halfway up the mountain, a route first made by Edmund Hillary during the Great Dodger Dog Exploration of 19somethingorother. There is mustard and relish awaiting you. This area allows for proper altitude acclimatization in order to prevent altitude sickness. You can also get ten dollar beer here.

Faith poses for crazy camera crew during exploration of Dodger Dog Camp at Mt. Dodgerest. I am merely acclimating her to vacationing with me wherein I will take 3,000 pictures per day.

Finally, if you are brave and have a sherpa, or are a KNITTER, apparently, you make the final ascent to the summit. Heavy climbing equipment is recommended, but alas they do not sell hard liquor at Mt. Dodgerest. You have to rely on the ten dollar beer to keep you from hurling as you attempt to scale the treacherous stairs and avoid spillage. Once at the top people will take your picture to remind you that you survived the arduous journey:


I really tried hard to say hey and be sociable and I drank many (4) cups of coffee beforehand so I would be alert and not schlumpysniffly, but I have to tell you I was not prepared for the perilous altitude. I do not know if you are afraid of heights. If you are not, then I salute you and your badassery. I myself am a complete land-loving mudfoot. I plan to lobby the Stitch 'n Pitch folks next year to get us closer to the earth's crust, where I hear they even have a thing called "oxygen."

Aside from my constant fear that I would at any moment tumble off into space, I had a remarkable fine time and met new friends:
Laura, left, and Debbie and Jerry say hey!

Face-hugged old friends:
Me and Gwen drank beer(s), plural.

Captured the parents-to-be, Sara and Richard:

This was the first time I'd been to a Dodgers game in YEARS, it was really fun. I love to go to baseball games (I can't stand to watch it on TV, or any sport for that matter... except soccer, which always makes me think of being in some pub somewhere and seeing folks go ape over a goal) but baseball games just have such a good feeling about them, maybe it's the beer or maybe it's the hotdogs, maybe it's the cute guys in tight pants. Who knows! But it was made all the more entertaining by hundreds of folks knitting in the stands.

I love knitters. Ya'll are buckwild crazy.


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