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May 4, 2007

SnB, yarn, Fridays, hair washing secrets of the stars and... Got Gas?

Oh the things you learn at Stitch 'n Bitch. Last night there was a heated discussion over whether or not John Cusak was a nice guy in person (people decided the rumors must be wrong, because he MUST BE NICE, yes? yes?) and who else in Hollywood has a poor reputation for niceness. One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about living in this nutty city is how many people have celebrity experiences. Until I moved out here the closest I ever got was once seeing Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash in the Nashville airport and about having a heart attack. June! Carter! Cash!

West Hollywood Farmer's Market ... stitchers unite.

Me & Ellen Bloom. See how a picture taken at a certain angle makes you look like you weigh all of ten pounds soaking wet? Love you, angle technology!

Since I take mass transportation, Faith has to come get me in downtown and haul me around if I want to go to SnB, and I was a little hesitant to go anyway, I am learning to be better at taking congratulations but sometimes I am still awkward (apologies, Bridget and Molly for my weird, stiff thankyous, I'll get there. With wine, I suspect.) I think I kept it all a secret for so long I don't know how much is ok to talk about without sounding like a big fat blabberer, so conversely I sometimes clam up. AREN'T I A THERAPIST'S DREAM? Steady income for years for some PhD! But of course I can't possibly go to therapy what with my rigorous knitting and poop-scooping schedule, instead I turn to astrology (which clearly we aren't getting to this month, or next month either, but perhaps one day on a Tuesday in mid-July you'll get the Haiki Hor-O-Scopes. Perhaps.) Where was I? OH YEAH. Faith came to get me at work and she had no needles or yarn to use at SnB (which never happens, she's always prepared) and I (who am NEVER prepared) had two sets of needles and two yarn selections for bracelet bags. Thanks again for all the feltable yarn suggestions, I love me some felting.

One ball of Patons classic wool in red and one ball of Patons something-or-other in shiny red. I spent all of Stitch 'n Bitch winding one skein of Classic Wool into two center-pull balls so I could knit it double-stranded. Yes, I am a weirdo and too cheap and/or broke to buy two full skeins just to knit from them both at the same time. Moving on.

Patons Soy Wool Stripes ... the MOST GORGEOUS yarn I have ever purchased at a big-box craft store. I got it at Michael's for less than six dollars and it is undeniably luxe, rich, with muted colors and a lofty softness to it. People kept asking what it was (again, me with the center-pull ball... look, I'm not an awesome knitter, but I ROCK THE CENTER PULL BALL.) And folks were saying how it's so Noro-ish, except without all the twigs and leaves. I love this yarn, love it. I see many roll-brim hats as holiday gifts this year in all the colors of Patons SWS. Faith knitted this up.

Also, on the SnB Learning Channel, I discovered that many ladies do not wash their hair every day or even every other day or every third day, which I cannot do for fear the Chevron folks would start drilling on my noggin. I think having straight, fine hair puts me at a disadvantage here. If you only wash every third day, how do you keep it all from going Valdez on you?

Just the things you learn and wonder on a Thursday Knittin' Group night.

Near the 101 onramp at Burbank and White Oak.
Is that for real?

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