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May 18, 2007

P.S. Retail therapy best accomplished at places with excellent return policies!

Last night I got home and I was standing in my kitchen waiting for magical cooking gnomes to rise up from the cupboard and make me dinner (alas, it did not occur and I had yet another in a long line of microwave popcorn dinners) (this is what happens when you work late and the bus is late and someone runs into a guard rail and/or wild animals frolic on the 101 at Lankershim and you get home and have approximately 18 minutes of free time before you should go to bed, fun!) and as I was standing there it dawned on me that I had just recommended a lipstick to the entire innernet and they might hate it and by extension blame me for their perma-colored lips of doom, and so I thought it would be an awesome time to remind you that all the best retail therapy happens at places with awesome return policies!

Both CVS drug store and Rite-Aid have a no-questions-asked cosmetic guarantee, and I have used both policies many times before (I tend to get my therapy on in the Wet 'n Wild aisle a bit too often) and if you don't like the Revlon Colorstay stuff, you can get your money back or exchange it with no problem.

Sephora also has an awesome return policy -- good for me, because all ya'll raving fans of Bare Escentuals "Bare Minerals" makeup have swayed me and I'm going to check out the selection this weekend at Sephora. I'm a Southern gal so I'm only used to foundation in liquid or cream form (hello Merle Norman, I spent all my allowance at your doorstep from ages 14-17 when I used to wear seven inches of makeup! love you!) Interestingly enough, when I was 17 and wearing an inch of base a day, I had nary a zit. Now that I am in my THIRTIES for chrissakes I seem to have developed skin that breaks out at the very mention of foundation. So maybe this mineral stuff will be magic and gnomey and not cause Mt. Zitmore atop my cheek.

Anyway, just hang on to your receipts and if you hate that lipstick you can safely get your money back and I won't feel ike a troll for cursing you with tinty lips for a lifetime (it washes off in a day... or so... mostly...)

Oh! And last night while I was waiting for the bus, I was on the phone with my mom, and she said, "Can you believe how many people out there watch Deadliest Catch? I just assumed people would think you were a weirdo. I mean, your dad and I watch it, but we're related to you."

Then she paused.

"Anyway, nice to see we aren't alone!"


Patient model, impatient paparazzi

Posted by laurie at May 18, 2007 9:22 AM