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May 29, 2007

O Canada!

I love Canadians.

I was reminded of this yesterday when so many of my friendly neighbors to the North mentioned they, too, would not carry a competitor's bag into the store because... ya'll know. The grocery store might see it. And that would be rude.

About ten years ago I decided I wanted to become Canadian. I visited Canada and fell totally in love with it. I even picked out a place to live -- Whale's Cove in Nova Scotia. Idyllic, oceany and small. (I had previously said Nova Scotia was an island, but then some nice commenters gently reminded me I am brain dead. We DROVE onto it! duh!) (Still, love you Nova Scotia!)

One of the reasons I love Canadians is because they are Southerners but from the North and with cute accents. I feel at home around Canadians even though sometimes they do not know what tump over means. I found that my friends north of the border could drink and carry on with the same vigor of my Southern brethren, plus they like lobster. (I was in the Maritimes.)

But the most exciting thing was discovering how many of the World's Largest Things are in Canada! Such as the world's largest blueberry, and the world's largest salmon. My favorite was of course, the World's Largest Lobster:

That's me, in the mouth of danger!!!

This was taken prior to me learning how to take decent pictures.

I figured I just needed to find the world's Largest Butter Pat and a bib and I would be set. Alas, finding that much drawn butter was more of a challenge and I had to return home eventually to my job so I could afford that vacation. That was back when I was still married and Lord we loved using those credit cards. But Canada was well worth it and it wasn't nearly as expensive as other destinations, and they have AWESOME public radio. I learned more listening to public radio and driving around Canada in one week then I learned in a month back home. How do you think I learned about the World's Largest Salmon, anyway?

That was before I learned to take all my vacation pictures with my head in them. It was a talent that took time to develop, you see.

One day I would love to just travel around taking pictures of the World's Biggest Stuff. It is something I enjoy perhaps more than is natural and I will go out of my way when traveling to see Something Abnormally Big. This must be another of my Southern quirks, brought on from living in towns where your life's ambition is to grow the World's Largest Tomato, or zucchinni, or pumpkin. There were entire aisles at the county fair in every small town of my youth dedicated to nothing but monstrously large vegetables. A forty-pound carrot was a sight to BEHOLD, I tell you what.

So far I've only been to a few areas of Canada -- New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. But I have a whole list of places I want to go: Moosejaw and Winnipeg and Edmonton and Toronto and Vancouver and the list just goes on and on. Canada is so big! Maybe next year when I get a break I can just rent a car (Jeep) and drive around. If I were really lucky, maybe I would stumble on the World's Largest Ball of Yarn.

Or find that pat of butter after all. I do love me some lobster.


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