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May 11, 2007

Now I know there will be at least ONE good lawyer in the world.


Jennifer is my best friend, my stend, the person who came to my house when I was 37% divorced, 98% drunk and 143% disheveled and she hugged me even though I smelled bad and she made me laugh and she cried with me when crying was called for. During the many months when I refused to leave my house, Jennifer came over and sat with me so I did not grow cobwebs of grief. She listened to me play the same song 385 times, over and over. She picked me up when my Jeep broke, and in return I made her a dinner of frozen tater tots and burned green bean casserole. She smiled and said it was great, and do you have any ketchup?

Now that is a very good friend.

While my marriage was unraveling, Jen was making a hugely critical decision: to quit her corporate job and go back to school, change careers, change her whole life. She started law school at the exact same time my ex-husband announced he was moving out, and we somehow stuck it out, all of it, remaining friends through the crazy gargantuan despair of '05, and we hung in there during the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Bewildering Oh Six. We went to Paris together, we went to Target together, we cried in Poquito Mas, made up in the parking lot, and went shopping. And laughed again. About every six months we get into an argument about whose freakishly large forehead is largest. We are both convinced we've won this contest.

She is funny, and kind, and beautiful and I am so happy I know her. She makes life better.

Now it's three years later and ya'll know how it turned out for me. And Jen, my stend, the smartest woman I know, is graduating from law school today! She has done extraordinarily well, and has good grades and a big-time lawyer job lined up for fall and she met a great boyfriend and through it all retained her sense of fabulous footwear. I am so proud of you, Jennifer, for accomplishing what you set out to accomplish, for doing it and doing it well, and for enduring months of my very bad lawyer jokes. (Sorry about that!)

Congratulations! You deserve every great thing that comes your way. I love you and you are the best stend a girl could have, res ipsa loquitor, my forehead is larger!

Posted by laurie at May 11, 2007 10:30 AM