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May 22, 2007

Mystery solved!

I loathe calling in sick, but most particularly I loathe calling in sick when I am actually sick. It's no fun at all to waste an entire day. I didn't even do laundry yesterday or complete a single item of my 48-page To Do List (single-spaced, alas).

The only thing I accomplished at all was discovering how Bob copes with such terrifying things as "sunlight" and "air" and "sound." Bob is the most scaredy of cats until night falls, then he emerges from some secret daytime lair fully rested and ready to attack bed mice ("feet") under the covers, beat up his sister Frankie and generally make life unbearable for Sobakowa, who hates cats and really despises Bob. She needs plenty of beauty sleep and he's always jumping on things at night, disturbing her kitty fung shui. It's very dramatic at my house, someone please alert the media.

Anyway! During the daylight Bob is a complete weenie, scared of all things real and imagined. I discovered his hiding spot when I left the bed to lay smellily and forlornly on the sofa, which while not as comfortable as the bed is much closer to the TV, and ya'll that is all I accomplished yesterday. TELEVISION WATCHING. I did not even do it well, mind you, falling asleep during my stories... by which I mean Storm Stories. But then I went back to bed and discovered his underground lair. I wonder if he spends all day every day there. He is so weird. I can't believe I live in this house with so much weirdness.

That is my messy rumpled bed.

It is more rumpled in one particular spot.

Cute, peculiar small animal lives under here.

Today I'm feeling better today and am even dressed in something other than a shroud made of sweatshirt material. I am planning to milk everyone at the office for sympathy. I am sure they will find this trait just adorable. They might staple me to something later if I'm really annoying.

And happy Tuesday to you, wherever your hidey hole may be. sniff.

Posted by laurie at May 22, 2007 9:26 AM