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April 26, 2007

Thursday Top Ten(ish)

Back to life, back to reality... oops. Do you have that song in your head now? If it is any consolation, so do I. Back to the here and now again!

1) Sobakowa has been meowing with ennui lately.
I can only imagine her manifesto will include a chapter on this grave oversight of her fabulosity and Dictatorness.

2) Last night I was sitting on the patio (isn't that where all my life unfolds, anyway?) and Mrs. Lee said hello over the back gate, and invited me over. They were cooking over a tiny charcoal barbecue pit in their backyard. We all sat like third-graders on these small stools around the small grill while they cooked delicious meat and mushrooms (and I NEVER eat mushrooms but was too afraid to offend Mrs. Lee so I ate them and did not die and also kind of liked them) and then. Then. Then I knew I had somehow passed some test with her when I accidentally out of happiness hugged her for dinner thank-yous and instead of turning to stone (as she usually does when I inappropriately hug her) she patted me on the shoulder. This was a very big step. I think I might now be Korean.

3) My peppers kick the ass of all other pepper seedlings on earth! Rock on Dad and your badass seed-planting self!

Still life with seedlings at night, after watering. I have to plant them on Saturday into real pots, it's all very exciting and gardeny. Plus the weather has suddenly warmed up astronomically, but I think it will be good for the peppers as long as nothing catches on fire and I water them regularly.

4) There is a knit-a-square project happening right I'm sure you already know about but still, just in case....

Hi Laurie! I'm not sure if you have been emailed about this and you may have and if so, I am sorry. I live here in Blacksburg, VA where we just endured an umimaginable and horrific tragedy and a bunch of us knitters are getting together a bunch of squares for memorial blankets for the families of the victims. We will need over 2,000 squares and although there are many of us here in Blacksburg, it is still a tall order so we are trying to get the word out to all knitters so they could mail in squares. Would you be willing to mention this effort on your blog since you get so many readers? You can read about the project on my blog or just go to my Local Yarn Store's blog to get the details.
Jody Hilt
Blacksburg, VA

5) My bus has issues. The 6:30, 6:45 and 7:00 are fraught with peril in the form of Vinegar Guy. His schedule seems to vary which makes me insane. The late bus contains Heavy Sneezer and Heavy Perfumer. Heavy Sneezer sits in the back and sneezes wetly every ten minutes. Heavy Perfumer is pretty and wears awesome outfits but reeks reeks REEKS of industrial-strength perfume that makes my eyes water. Does Heavy Sneezer only sneeze because of Heavy Perfumer? I may never know since they always appear on the late bus and he sits in the very back spreading mucas germs, while she sits in the middle infecting five rows both forward and aft with her perfume. I am left to the 6:15 bus and the 7:15 bus only. At all other times I am relegated to the subway. You think my life is great on paper, then you see I HAVE ISSUES PEOPLE.

6) Is Roy T. Cat the cutest thing on Planet Earth or what?


7) Stitchy Mc Yarnpants! I just want to say "yarnpants yarnpants" all day, don't you? Well, the world-famous Stitchy McYarnpants is coming to town this weekend and even though I am shy and hate to leave my house, I have somehow managed to get my magical friend Faith to host brunch at her house which (while it has no cats) also has no cat hair and is superbly pretty. Let it be known that Ms. Yarnpants is a huge hero of mine, because she has the cutest website name on the whole internet and also has made me say "yarn sores" in conversation. A lot. I am really excited to meet her. I would also like to tell her this via email but am temporarily locked out of my own email, AGAIN. I am however on hold right now with Tech Support, AGAIN, and will have healed and healthy email in mere hours.
Me + Technology = Trainwreck.

8) Stitching 'n Bitching Burns Calories. I am sure of it! These are pictures from last week's Stitch 'n Bitch (West Hollywood Farmer's Market at 3rd & Fairfax, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. on Thursday evenings, be there or be a granny square!) and yes I am posting pictures from a full week ago because I am still on Behind Standard Time, a full week behind in my own life. It's cool. Next week I'll be just a week away from today, yay me.

Me, yarny visitor Anna-Liza from Denver and master cake artist Frank.
Also, why is it that when I smile I lose eyeballs and gain extra cheeks?

I LOVE this picture, even though I took it from far away
and it's sort of grainy. It looks like Ellen and MJ
are solving all the world's problems while stitching away!

9 ) Finally, from the "Oh Lordy That Would Happen To Me" pile...

Hey Laurie, My mom had this gorgeous Brooks Farm Four Play, in shades of purple, teal, brown and green, and she was knitting Sonnet (from Knitty) on the plane back from San Diego to where she lives in San Jose. And she had made a lot of progress, and then she got home and it was GONE! The plane was LA based, and she has called San Diego, LA, *and* San Jose airports trying to find her project, to no avail. It's probably a total long-shot, but I am hoping that if we could get the word out among the blog community (and the general kntting community in CA, maybe) that we could find her project. She had no identifying information in the bag it was in (that was on top of her carry-on and apparently fell out) so she is afraid someone picked it up and doesn't know where to return it. Sincerely, Christa

If you or someone you know discovered Christa's mom's Sonnet, please give her a holler!

I love the innernets. Al Gore, in addition to being cute you are also damn fine for inventing such a tool where we can talk about lost knitting projects and post pictures of cats inside tents. Thank you from the bottom of my knitlovin' heart. Now can you please come fix my email? Thanks! Love, me from one week ago.

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