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April 30, 2007

Stitchy McBrunchpants

Me and Stitchy McYarnpants herself!

I wish I could tell you how perfect this past weekend was without sounding like Smiley McPollyannapants. Yesterday Faith and I had a little brunch and we all got to meet Debbie, the Yarnpants herself. It was so much fun to sit around on a Sunday and drink mimosas and eat brunch food and chitchat about the bad crocheted cozies of our youth. I can't tell you the last time I had so much fun or felt so relaxed even in a roomful of people (usually I need to escape to the spare bedroom.) Even before my life went ass over teakettle and back again, I never would have thought I'd know this many funny, kind, witty and good people here in Los Angeles. And now (by proxy) Boston!

I am so glad I picked knitting as my obsession, or maybe it picked me, but either way I have met some really amazing women because of it, and even one or two pretty adorable guys under 14 inches tall.

[click on each image for a larger view]

We passed around a ton of hilariously bad old kniting and crochet magazines, there's Debbie in the chair and Allison and sleepy Evan on the sofa; Faith and Stefanie chat while absurd crochet lounges in the sunlight.

Allison and Evan, that little face! So perfect! Annika and her adorable Sam, who doesn't mind at all when I smooch his ears. He laughs. I love guys who can't talk back yet!

Faith, Laurie Ann, Kendra and Brantlea. I love this final picture even though it's blurry, my friend Sara has one of the best smiles on the planet.

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