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April 13, 2007

Friday The 13th, A Picture Friday

Sometimes I forget how many pictures I take in a day, and before long I have a folder on the computer of all these pictures, I love looking at them and remembering where I was, what I was thinking, what caught my eye.

Here is the sign of the Handy Market in Burbank, where Faith and I went one day for barbecue chicken and ribs, they set up a huge smoking grill right out on the sidewalk on Saturdays. It is so good! This was a cloudy, windy day and the sign looked like something you'd see back home, maybe down in Mississippi or off the Bayou, where you know they'd make good crawfish:


- - -

And here are mysterious guests to the West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch last week. I couldn't go last night because I was working late. But these sketchy (hah) characters showed up all the way from Australia. I loved their accents. They hid their faces behind hand-knit socks (her) or books (him) and it was very cloak-and-Addi:


- - -


Adorable Evan with his hot mom Allison there on the left, and happy Sam with his hot mom Annika there on the right, over at my house the day we had a yard sale. We had so much fun that day and I got to hold both babies and didn't drop either of them!

And here is Faith with her niece Mia, who I must say is the cutest girl EVER in her rockin' tie-dye outfit:


I think I am at that age now where a lot of my girlfriends are having little humans who drool. Luckily they are all so darn cute you can't help but love 'em. Also, seeing Allison and Annika handling momhood and doing so much work and still staying sane and looking cute is very inspiring, and makes me think I should stop complaining about the times I get so busy I don't have time for laundry and buy panties from Rite Aid.

Panties which do not fit, in case you're wondering.

- - -


I still take pictures of things people say with their cars, even though I sometimes forget to post them on the internet.

If you spent $40,000 on a purse, would you stick a bumper sticker on it or hang an engraved luggage tag on it with a saying? These are the things I wonder. I muse. Sometimes I drink wine and muse.

- - -

Which is how I came by these images:



Yes, those are actual photos of my television showing a sweet couple hugging. Because I was home one night and it was late and I was tired and wine-y and catching up on my Oprah show, this must have been back in February, wait... I think it was actually on Valentine's Day (!!!) and anyway, this show was on and the story was about a young African boy whose whole family was murdered and he was an orphan and met this pretty girl on his way to a refugee station. And he begged someone to take a picture of her and he carried the picture in his pocket for years and years even though he got sent to live in the USA and never saw her again or knew how to contact her.

Until one day he was on vacation, years later, IN CANADA, and he walked into a church and THERE SHE WAS. And they fell in love and he had that picture still in his pocket and now they were married and she was having his baby.

And I saw him hug her like that with so much love and joy and I did the ugly cry and took a picture OF MY TELEVISION SET because I am a dumbass and optimist and believe in true love and wanted this picture to remind me of it, because sometimes I go on dates where I am hoping an earthquake will strike so I have a good quick exit and so I NEED reminders of true love to keep me hopeful even when I am literally praying for a nice, minor 4.5 temblor whose epicenter is Starbucks.

Ya'll know.

- - -

And finally...



Hope you have an awesome Friday and try to manage to stay out of the superstition and the wine, at least to the extent that you don't find yourself taking pictures of your own television set to remind you about True Love.

And watch out for Starbucks tremors. Just in case.

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