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April 18, 2007

Garter stitch in the round, can I get a whut whut!

Yes, I am attempting yet another in a long line of complicated and daring and new and exciting projects ...

... a hat, almost identical to one I made two years ago. Awesome! Go me!


Although, if you think about it, there was time I wasn't sure I would ever break free of the rectangle, so I have mad love for my garter stitch in the round. I'm going to keep this particular hat and hope it works as a magic knitted talisman, willing me forward to cold and snowy vacation locations in the year ahead.

Or, I guess if I finish it up real quicklike, I could go to the East coast and wear it along with every other hand-knit item I own. How do ya'll live in such hazardous conditions? Come to Los Angeles! We have traffic and smog and women made entirely of silicone and Botox... but we have our limits in the cold and snowy department. I mean really now.

With all that weather, I almost feel bad posting more pictures of green and growing stuff. Maybe it will make you feel better if I mention once again that we have the traffic. The kind ya'll think you know all about ("Geez, it's not like there's no traffic here in Boston/Jersey City/Atlanta!") but then when you get out here you're like, DAMN. This place has TRAFFIC. Driving in L.A. SUCKS! Get me home to my normal traffic!

So, the peppers my dad carefully hand-seeded into a flat have sprung to life and are ready to be thinned this weekend:


I love these peppers as if they were my own children and hope to have an entire pepper farm alive in the backyard in six months. Let's hope summer isn't as bad as they're all saying. Something about the whole globe about to boil over and die? I vaguely suspect it's the amount of Rave #4 I used in high school which forever altered the ozone layer. I feel real bad about it, if it helps any.

And today is Wednesday, love me some hump day, except my pants are too tight. It was sort of one of those things where you're so excited you can actually zip up this particular pair of pants that you momentarily lose touch with reality and think "able to zip closed" is the same as "able to breathe and sit and retain consciousness." There is no circulation going on in my body below the waist. I got into them, dammit, but I may not be able to get myself out of them.

But that was so not the point! The point was, I hope you have a good Wednesday and stay warm if you're out in that frozen tundra of a nor'easter. (I just like saying "nor'easter" ... I have said it like seventeen times in the past two days. I feel very meteorological.) (Oh, did I ever tell ya'll I used to be the weather girl at my college TV station? I WAS HORRIBLE. It was very funny. Maybe one day I will figure out how to digitize a VCR tape and show ya'll. OOOOOH. Talk about your hee-larious comedy... and I didn't even mean to be funny.)

So that's it. That and Victor is looking kind of paltry. Maybe he doesn't like being so far from his friends on the spice rack in the pantry. I don't know what the prognosis is for little Victor... but all I can say is thank goodness I appear to have not not fully lost my green thumb already. Just last night I was looking for the microwave popcorn in the cupboard and found another onion in the bin who looks suspiciously like Victor's son ... Victor Jr.


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