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April 20, 2007

Addressing some stuff, plus pictures! (But not recent pictures... because that would make sense.)

I'm sorry, did someone say... cat pictures?
Gosh, I really hate it when people make very difficult requests of me, such as "Can you please post some cat pictures?"

Of course I went home last night and Roy was being so photogenic I whipped out the camera and even did some video, because I am a new breed of Crazy Cat Lady, the "Digital Proof I Am Crazy" Crazy Cat Lady.

Except, I am also "Woke up too early for thinking" Crazy Cat Lady and forgot my camera at home! HORROR!! Luckily I have many archived cat pictures:



Hee. I do admit I take a few pictures of my feline roommates from time to time. A friend of mine who has adorable children, four-year-old twins (a boy and a girl) and anyway, she once commented that I have more pictures of my CATS than she has of her KIDS. Nice.

Not A Billion Dollars, yet
A commenter recently asked if I spend a billion dollars a year on camera batteries. I used to! But then I discovered these long-life batteries and I promise you they are well worth the higher price. A single battery will last me for months, and that is even with my excessive use of flash, my penchant for blurry video, and my cat pictures.

Stitching 'n Kvetching
I went to Stitch 'n Bitch last night and I met Anna-Liza, who is perfectly adorable and she is from Denver and she knits socks so beautiful it makes you truly understand how sticks and string can make art.

[Imagine a cute picture here of me and Anna-Liza.]

[I CANNOT believe I left my camera at home!!]

I also want to apologize to Frank for going on and on and ON ON ON about his amazing cakes, but when you meet someone with a God-given talent, you do feel the need to praise them. And by "you" I mean "me." Frank is also dearest to my heart now as he offered to drive Anna-Liza back to where she was staying in downtown L.A. rather than her taking the bus at night and I find this one of the most gentlemanly and chivalrous things I have seen in a long while. Frank, you are A REAL MAN with awesome manners. I adore you. Nothing is finer in this world than a man with such manners.

Allison and Evan Update
Allison and her husband Jeff are taking Evan to Phoenix for his consultation and they head out tomorrow. You can catch up with the SuperCrafty family right here and also, of course, you can catch up with SuperCrafty shopping anytime!

And finally...
... to the person who commented yesterday wondering why I had written a whole entire column on Kitty Carlisle and nothing about Blacksburg, and for all the many folks who emailed me asking the same question, I do thank you for the notes and I wish I had a better answer, but the real answer is nothing I say makes sense, and I have no idea what to say.

It's too close to the bone for me, too much like Killeen and Columbine and Danny getting in that plane one morning and ending inside the first tower, I hate it. And I do not ever know what to say, I start to but then I just can't, I don't have the words, I have no idea anymore. Who does a thing like that? Wake up one morning and go off and harm people? I can't write about things I haven't wrapped my mind around. I don't always get it right. Blacksburg feels too close, I can't say anything right about it because I don't -- can't -- understand it. It makes no sense to me.

I do completely understand why you would ask me that question. I know I try to write things down as good as thinking them, and it seems off-kilter to talk about cats and knitting and my pants size and sourdough bread dilemmas when there is so much happening.

I think it is my way of saying: I don't know yet. My heart is there, but nothing I say comes out right. I am so sorry.

And, Finally #2 ... Rain At Last
We haven't had a drop of rain in this city for months and months, it feels perfect to have rain today and see the whole city enveloped in a big cloud that isn't smog, and even though it will take eleventy-nine hours to get home tonight in traffic it is worth it to have a day of weather. This is what I imagine is happening right now in my house:


Rainy days are a good day for that sort of thing.

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