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March 29, 2007

Thursday = "Oh! I forgot to tell you this one other thing ..."

Here is a picture I took of my mom and dad exiting the family truckster when they were "camping" in Orange County:


Significant Notation #1: Do ya'll now understand why my version of "camping" is slightly different than perhaps other folks' versions?

Significant Notation #2: Family truckster is MUCH NICER than my house. Also, probably bigger. But I have Francisco, so THERE.

Significant Notation #3: Do my parents drive their house, or sleep in their car? Ah, the questions I ponder.

In other equally edge-of-your-seat news, Victor is still alive and I will stick him in dirt this weekend, in what will be my first large-scale foray back into gardening since the tragically failed square watermelon experiment of 2006.


[Also, for you up-and-coming Photoshop whizmasters, if you want to download the layered .psd file, just click here. Please excuse the fact that the text isn't properly kerned. I was in a hurry.]

Notice the bag of Patons Up Country bulky wool yarn right there beside Frankie? I pulled it out of hiding last night. Now, I have not been knitting at all lately, but since my life has slowed back to a normal-insane pace (as opposed to a certifiably-insane pace) I began thinking I should dig out yarn and sticks and get back to the very serious business of making the weird stuff I love to dream up in the middle of the night and/or while swatching.

One of my challenges with knitting has been my misguided yet heartfelt belief that I really do not need a pattern. The God's Honest Truth is that I get so bored with following a pattern that I begin to improvise a little. And before you know it I am knitting up a strange little concoction of wool and cat hair. One of my other challenges is that I do not want my relaxation-hobby to make me go grey with stress, so I choose stuff to knit that is basically very easy.


Last night I sat in front of the teevee to watch as the world's first pontytail-mohawk teenage Leif-Garret-esque strangely unsexy sex symbol beat out a better singer for a higher ranking on American Idol. As I sat and wondered aloud if Sobakowa should audition for American Idol next season, I sketched out a shape for my next knitting project.

And my head began to hurt. Hurty. Was it the Sanjaya or was it the knitting? We may never know.

But it got me kind of curious about what is the craziest, strangest, most bizarro thing you have knit? Because I sometimes wonder if I am just a litle tweaked, always trying to knit up a cozy for my cozy, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

[To download the layered .psd file, just click here.]

I didn't watch AI for the past two seasons, but I threw in the towel this year and I have gotten suckered in. I am not afraid to tell you that I LOVE Blake (he reminds me of those really smooth British pop singers that always manage to get caught in hanky-panky situations later in life) and of course I love the divas. In fact, I have to quit typing now because I have to call my Aunt Pam and make sure she didn't stick by her vow to quit the show once Stephanie got voted off.

But before I go, here's a little morning view of my favorite city, taken out the window of the express bus at the armpit of a.m.:


Viva la Thursday! And weird knitting. And Victor.

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