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March 9, 2007

Spring forward (but with CAUTION)

So, my folks are arriving some time late in the day on Saturday and I am So! Excited! and perhaps stayed up a bit past my bedtime trying to mask the clutter and do laundry. It sounded like:

Me: Bob, are you clutter? Then perhaps you should make yourself useful. Go clean the catbox!


Me: Why do I have dust in my house? Cat hair I understand, dust not so much. Soba, you're fluffy! Can you lay on top of the TV and roll around for a while and dust it?

Soba, behind my back: Watch that tone of voice, human. I am compact and deadly. And my luscious fur shall not be taken in vain.

So, anyway, they are finally coming to town! If you never hear from me again it is because I have hijacked their motorhome and taken the felines and my poor kidnapped parents on a tour of Mexico. Viva la fish taco!

- - - - - - - - -

Now for a new topic. Also known as, "Another time I display my total professionalism in the workplace."

white guys in ties, inc.
My place of employment.

So after staying up a bit past my bedtime, I woke up this morning at my normal Armpit of A.M. slightly askew and tired and in desperate need of coffee. Now, I tend to wait until I arrive at the office for my coffee since I am a paranoid freak and will worry all day long that I left the coffee pot on at home and the house is smoldering into fire while I'm stuck downtown doing magical and perverse things to powerpoint.

I arrived at work and in my head the chatter sounded something like, "Coffee coffee coffee love you so pretty coffee, coffeemmmm..." and I walked into the office and I passed my boss's open office door and turned my head just a teensy bit to see if he was in there, and he was, and he is so cute, I love my boss. He looks like a model, except he's got an MBA. And I was all, "Hi, Bossman!"

And then I ran smack into the large metal filing cabinet.

And if you don't know what a five-foot-three-and three-quarters human smacking into hollow metal sounds like, let me just tell you. IT IS LOUD.

scene of the crime

Also, in unrelated news, my boss pushed my performance review back until the latest possible appointment time on Monday. I can only imagine this is because he needed extra time to write more about my copious gracefulness and ability to bounce back from trouble.

Really, literally BOUNCE back.

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