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March 30, 2007

It's the hap-happiest day of the week....

Now I have that Christmas Carol stuck in my head. "It's the hap-happiest day of the week, with the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you, "Be of good cheer" and blah blahmm mming and mmm and hap-happiest season of all!"

Thanks a lot, me.

So! It is Friday, the very first Friday in TWO MONTHS that I have not had a jam-packed busy weekend stretching out ahead of me involving driving the far-flung freeways of Southern California, or selling stuff on my lawn, or working, or work obligations, or other obligations, or some combination of all of the above and I am SO HAPPY. Also, I am planning on taking the early bus home (hello, cute bus driver. HOW ARE YOU TODAY?) and I'm going to take a long walk, and have a Living Room Dance Off with Sobakowa (she has moves you've never seen) and later I'm going to enter the mystical cooking room of my house and maybe even excavate the cabinets for my dusty pots and pans for something the ancients called "home-cooked dinner."

The Sobakowa Hates Dance-Off Nights.

Last night I got home in time to make an alleged "home-cooked dinner" as well, but I was saved at the last minute by one very awesome Mrs. Lee, who brought me a plate of hot, fresh Korean dinner! Listen, folks, I am aware that I completely lucked out in the Next Door Neighbor Lottery. But I still have Crackhead Bob two doors down, and the people behind me are still hollering' at their kids every night, and someone down the road decided it would be an awesome idea to start parking their cars ON THE YARD like we were all Dukes Of Encino Hazzard, so you know. I got goodness to the left of me and scary all around.

smells soooo good!
Mmmm, Korean BBQ dinner!

I have many plans this weekend besides cat dancing and cooking. I also plan to experince the wonder of clean laundry, explore the new and uncharted world of "vacuuming" and sleep like I were already dead. On Saturday there is a trip to the Korean market and later I'm going to stop by the local garden center for (organic) dirt and some new watermelon seedlings (I will get you my pretty square watermelon and your little dog too!!!!) and then I am going to spend the rest of the weekend gardening and singing badly off-key to myself.

The gardening this year has taken on a new level of seriousness. Ya'll know my parents are selling their house and living in the J-Lo tour bus of RVs full time. And while this was a very big and exciting life change for everyone, it caused a lot of concern on the gardening front.

Specifically, the hot pepper front.

Because all my life my father has grown his own special hot peppers called "Chili Pequin" peppers, little fireball hotties from South Texas. He makes his own (AMAZING) hot sauce and cans it himself and it is a much-coveted item in our family, every child jockying to be The Favorite so we can get more of the stash.

With no house and no yard, there is no pepper farm.

While my parents were here at the campground in Orange County, my father painstakingly planted an entire seed flat of the teetiny little pequin seeds and gave me detailed instructions on how to coax them into life. I was nervous as you can imagine, since the only thing I have managed to grow in two years time is a fungus in the crisper drawer and an onion named Victor in the pantry. But I brought the seed flat home and placed the dome-covered flat on top of the fridge where it would be warm and protected. When green shoots began to appear, you have to prop open the dome so I moved the whole thing into the bathtub because that is the only place in Chez Cat Infestation that no animal can get the door open to dig in the dirt and roll around in green pepper plants.



Each morning I check on the seedlings and talk to them, trying to say growing words of encouragement. Then I remove the tray from the bathtub, get in and shower, then dry off the tub floor and put the seeds back in so they are safe from the felines. At night I take the seeds out on the patio for two hours until it gets too cool for them to be outdoors. I DO NOT PUT THAT MUCH TIME AND ATTENTION INTO SHOE SHOPPING, FOLKS.

But I promised my dad I would take good care of them and grow the pepper farm of his dreams (mostly so I can bribe the parentals into coming back to Los Angeles in the late summer to ooh and aaah over my amazing pepper-growing ability.) (I miss them already.) (I secretly suspect they do not miss me, however, as those crazy kids are off in Vegas or Laughlin or Some Other Fun Town just living it up while I bellyache and carryon and speak in hushed tones to a bunch of seeds. Awesome!)

So that is my weekend-to-come in a nutshell, or in a seed flat as it may be. I hope your weekend is equally relaxing and dorky, and that you have your very own Living Room Dance Off, full of wine and Beyonce. To the left, to the left!

* * *

P.S. To all you Astrology fans!!! I have a very exciting surprise for you for April Horoscopes!! I don't do April Fool's jokes, especially not when it comes to foolin' with the astro-karma because no telling what that will get you, but I have an AWESOME surprise, one that does not even involve bad ghetto slang from the '80s. Yay!

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