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February 13, 2007

Luckily my knitting fingers were unharmed.

No injury is really tragic enough to keep me from my addiction. I admit it: Hello, my name is Laurie and I am a Noro Addict. (Reader Sue F. calls it the "Norovirus" which, also, is coincidentally a real virus and I am sort of sad that it doesn't cause one to spew forth Noro Kureyon from all orifices.)

I have some Noro Blossom that I procured a while back from Allison at SuperCrafty. It's a gorgeous purple-fuchsia-red colorway which I can't actually share with you since Bob ate the labels off every single skein. I knit up a little swatch of the Blossom and it's so beautiful and nubby and unique-looking! I counted my stitches per inch like a good little knitter, then cast on for a simple easy Roll-Brim hat.

Now, at some point when I have this alleged "free time" people are always speaking of, I will go back and add notations to all my patterns to remind ya'll I am a FREAKISHLY tight knitter and so you need to do a swatch to check your gauge or go up a needle size on all my patterns. I also wanted this hat to be not-super-snug so as to avoid telltale hat hair.

Yarn: Noro Blossom (1 full skein + a tiny bit of a second skein) Needles: Size 10.5 circular needle, later size 10.5 double-pointed needles Cast on: 66 stitches Other: Stitch markers, cats, sense of humor, wine, spackle

You may be saying, "Uh, who uses spackle in their knitting?"

That answer would be "me."

I knitted the full body of this hat while watching the Grammy Awards (love you, garter stitch in the round!!) and then last night I got home and decided to finish it off with my dpns and decreases and wine and so on.


Where were my double-pointed dpns of death in size 10.5?
Where they perhaps... sadly languishing in a corner all alone because they had been gnawed to a bamboo pulp by one Bob T. Cat?


Usually I keep all my needles in a patented Bob-proof Needle Protection Device ("ziploc bag") but a few months ago I was making a hat and had stuffed the near-completed object into my knitting bag where under cover of darkness, Bob snuck up on them and dug them out in the middle of the night and proceeded to leave big, deep chew marks all over their bamboo surfaces. And because I am right smack in the middle of my no-shopping-for-three-months resolution, I decided to first try to repair my needles before running off to the store for more.

Luckily, I am a rather industrious gal who is often puttering around the house doing such things as replacing hinges, fixing stuck windows and spackling like nobody's business. Home improvement is just like crafting, you merely get your supplies in a different store. And sometimes you can get a trained specialist to come and repair what you "fixed."

So, with some wood filler and a little sandpaper I decided to give knitting needle repair a go.



In all honesty, I was surprised it worked! Now, I won't be running around spackling all my bamboo needles or anything, but in a pinch this did the job. I had to keep rubbing them with wax paper from time to time to keep them smooth, but whatever. I can go shopping again on April 1st and until then these will do just fine.


Probably the most helpful tip I have learned when it comes to hat knitting is to place markers after each decrease. Then you can stop counting and just remember to knit the two stitches together that come right before the markers. I use a different color marker to designate the beginning of a round, and then I can knit on the bus in the early morning with no coffee and still not mess up!

Traffic was so heavy this morning that I managed to knit up and finish the rest of my hat by the time I got into work. I just held it in my hands right there on the bus and thought how much I love, love, love making hats. There's nothing finer in the world than a simple, beautiful hand-knit hat.

Then I went into the Top Secret Picture Taking Spot and made faces in my hat:



And even though he is a fiesty needle-eating monster, I have to say Bob has an appreciation of knitting that makes all his yarn-eating and needle-gnawing transgressions fade under weight of his unbearable cuteness:



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