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February 12, 2007

Gud explanattion for all the typoss

If you do the math, which of course I have done being quite scientific and all, there are exactly eighteen FEET on the ground in my house at any given time. That is a lot of feet. Some of them are really cute feet:

even her toes are supermodels

Now, who could that belong to?

she has ears, too

Yes, it's the multicolored Franklin Delano Rosencat.

So far I have typed, what? Less than 50 words? It has taken me about three hours. I had an office-supply related injury and I have tried to use it to garner sympathy and also huge amounts of guilt cash but all I got was a few "Ewww! That's gross! You're finger is purple!"

It was one of those random acts of terrorism committed by inanimate objects. I was pillaging through the office supply cabinet and someone called out my name and I looked up -- EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I CANNOT MULTITASK -- I still looked up just briefly enough for the eleventeen-ton supply drawer to close with vigor on my primary typing finger.

Oh here is a fun fact you may not know about me. I type with three fingers, and I have to look at the keyboard while I do it. I have always typed this way. I took typing in High School for exactly two weeks, then I transferred out to wood shop. I'm no dummy: I was not about to bring down my GPA by failing typing class, something all proper Southern ladies surely were born to excel at (again, causing me to nervously wonder if they would at any minute take away my belle card) and besides, all the cute boys were in wood shop. Having them all to myself and learning to use a circular saw at the same time? Brilliant.

People love to watch me type. I imagine that to outsiders (read: the rest of the normal world) it must be much like watching a monkey compose sonnets. I am a surprisingly fast typist when I am writing out my little stories, but apparently I use more strength and force on the keyboard than I ever knew because I suddenly feel the pain of typing like never before. My idiot savant 40 words of two-finger typing a minute has now turned into: "Ow, crud, sh*t, ouch, coffee?"

There might be a lot of cat pictures this week.

Posted by laurie at February 12, 2007 8:36 AM