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January 16, 2007

Tuesday January 16... 2007.

Boy that is a creative title.

Yesterday was an awesome perfect day, I went over to Faith's new house and we sat in front of her fireplace and knitted and chitchatted. We also used her swift and ball-winder thingy to make yarn cakes out of some skeins of yarn I'd found when cleaning out my office. Back when I first started knitting, I didn't realize a skein needed to be wound up into a ball so you could knit from it properly, so I still had some skeins of yard I'd bought two years ago (!!) that I had never formed into usable yarn cakes. (Isn't that what they look like when they come off the ball winder? Little cakes of yarn.)

I'm still working on my mismatched scarf, although it's really hard to travel with, I still haul it (and its associated eleventy two balls of yarn) with me, both over to Faith's house and off to stitch 'n bitch. It's too big to take on the bus now, though. Even I have my limits.


You know how sometimes you'll have this vague unease hanging around but don't know why? Then you finally figure it out and you're like, "That's it! That's the awkward thing!"

So, I figured out that I get really uncomfortable when people quiz me aggressively about what I am knitting on or why I don't write a 3500 word essay on whatever scarf I'm making. For one thing, I am a slow knitter. And I work 14 hours a day sometimes, commute two hours a day, and in there somewhere I do some writing, make my meals, clean my house, wash my clothes, scoop the catbox, walk on the treadmill, catch up on my Tivoed Oprah shows. Oh, sleep would be nice. Also, it's KNITTING for goodnessakes! I shouldn't be feeling defensive and having to explain why I am still working on the same three things, all scarves. This is my personal diary, not the "I'm A Competitive Knitter" website. And knitting is my hobby, not something that's supposed to be stressful.

So there's that. I just had to remind myself that this is my stress-relieving activity, or else knitting would become another thing that causes me anxiety (you're not fast enough! good enough! competitive enough!) and I'd just drop it altogether ... maybe take up something less cutthroat, like stamp collecting. I love knitting. It's not a race. Just a nice, relaxing activity and I refuse to make it some dorky high-pressure thing. SO THERE. Take that, knitting mafia!

Oh, wouldn't it be cool if there were a knitting mafia? You wouldn't sleep with the fishes, you'd get "tangled up in wool" or something.

And sometimes, of course, I like to just follow my cats around with a camera. It's very compelling. I feel like I have all this wildlife in my house and I am Jane Goodall, tracking their every move.

Perhaps I need more than just one vacation day.



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