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January 3, 2007

Mismatched Green Stripey Scarf: Finished!

Progress page:

There's going to be more knitting for me in 2007, at least for a few months! I was absurdly busy on a big project last year for most of the fall and I didn't have a lot of time for knitting. My favorite time to knit is when I'm on the bus, and I ended up driving to work during most of the fall, my hours were a little ... long. The commuter buses only run until 6 p.m., so there you have it. Of course, with traffic... I could knit in the Jeep if only it weren't a stick shift. Reminds me of a REALLY FUNNY (read: bad) joke I heard:

A blonde was driving her car when a police officer pulled up alongside her. He noticed the blonde was knitting while she was driving. He turned on his lights, and gestered at her, but she didn't understand him. So, she rolled down her window to hear him better.

"PULL OVER!" said the policeman.

"NO," replied the blonde. "CARDIGAN!"

Heh. I never said my sense of humor was refined or anything.

So, anyway, what I am saying here in a rather wordy and comma splicey way is that I missed my knitting! After my big working project wrapped up, I still had the free-floating anxiety you get from stressing out over a thing for so long. (This used to happen to me every year after final exams, too.) So one night I just went though my yarn bins when I couldn't sleep, and rounded up all the like-colored orphan yarns in shandes of green or oatmeal or off-white.

It was a load of yarn! I forgot to take a picture of all the skeins, but I will before I finish this sucker. I'm only about halfway done and already it has about fourteen different yarns in it!

Some were skeins I had picked up in grab bags, or were sent to me in de-stashing generosity, or I had bought just one or two skeins of something on sale and of course never had enough later for a full project. These are all different weights and fibers and textures.

I put all the yarn in one of those giant ziploc bags that holds massive amounts of fiber, I AM SO HAPPY THEY INVENTED THE BIG ZIPLOCS, and I started knitting. At first I just picked blindly, using whatever yarn came from the bag. You can see the very beginning rows of my scarf here, I was knitting it at the holiday Stitch 'n Bitch party:


This is a 2x2 rib stitch, I just casted on 36 stitches (I like wide, hugely long scarves) (I am a freak of scarf nature) and I started alternating whenever I got bored: some fuzzy, mixing two yarns here, two there, carry one yarn but drop another, oh! Mohair! I really love to mix yarns together. This is why I adore knitting scarves, they can be funky and weird and off-kilter, and I can try new combinations of colors or textures.

And I can work on this one at home while watching teevee. It's mindless -- knit two purl two -- and if I get bored I just pick a new color or add a new yarn. I get bored pretty easily, so usually I have several projects going at once. This one is fun, though, I can switch up the yarn at any time!

I'm about 1/3 of the way finished so far, click on the image for a much BIGGER view:

Here is a close-up of some of my mismatched yarn stripes and color combinations:


One of the things I loved about making this scarf was that I discoved two new Patons yarns that I LOVE. I got really mad at Patons a few years ago for discontinuing their fabulous 100% wool UpCountry yarn. It was affordable and gorgeous and soft and lopi and I loved it. The Patons folks seemed to be discontinuing a lot of their plainer, basic yarns and going wild with the frou-frou fun fur crazy wacky novelty yarns. It made me so mad! I mean I like a wacky yarn choice as much as anyone, but we still need some affordable basics out here!

Well, anyway, right before my big January 1 No More Spending thing kicked in, I made a quick trip to Michael's for a few things and spotted this Paton's alpaca-blend yarn called "Rumor" for $5:



And it is soft as a dream to knit with, mostly acrylic with 15% alpaca, and it's super snuggly and comes in great colors. I knitted one row in green on my mismatched scarf and immediately went back to the store for a big pile of this in pinky-red for a matching hat and scarf combo.

I also found a ball of green Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed in a dark forest green which doesn't look very soft but it is! Knits up so touchable and nubby, I just love it. Way to go Patons, with the new alpaca blend, your new (beautiful) soy-wool stripes yarn, and Classic Wool, I feel like you're back on track and providing excellent yarn at lower prices. Love, The Consumer.

The cats are not as excited about the new Patons yarn selection.

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