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January 29, 2007

Might I recommend some shopping for your soul?

I seriously had the best weekend ever. Now, for those of you who live a "Sex & The City" lifestyle full of cosmos and naked firemen and expensive shoes, you will think my weekend is not so exciting, but that is okay because you still get to go shopping at the end of this column.

It actually could have been a stressful and weird weekend, what with the driving and GIANT natural disaster in Los Angeles ("water falls from sky, news crews wonder if city will perish") but Faith offered of her own volition to drive me to lots of necessary places. Tragedy narrowly averted!

You see, Drew came to town this weekend and arrived at LAX on Saturday in the midst of our great natural disaster (read: "mist") and luckily Faith was driving, as she is trained to handle the stress of the 405 since she used to be a professional driver. Thank God. Last time Drew was in town, I picked him up in the Jeep and he says he still has post traumatic stress disorder from 45 minutes of my driving + the Jeep + Los Angeles at rush hour + BLARING BEYONCE ON THE STEREO.


Oh, by the way! If you ever want to make Drew Emborsky run in fear, merely start singing that line. I traumatized him so much he will actually break out in hives at a Beyonce reference.

And the Beyonce-free three of us headed over to our friend Allison's house for her 36th birthday shindig. I was a little nervous because I had not met one of the attendees, Julia, and I have not had the best track record with meeting people lately (more on that later, promise, if I haven't been arrested already) and yet as it turned out Julia is a knitter and just adorable and I bonded with her when she did an impersonation of George Michael dancing in concert. In fact, I might have inappropriately hugged her, yay me!

Birthday-girl Allison just had a baby, and his name is Evan. He is three months old and might I say already has excellent taste in the ladies. We got along famously. Usually I avoid babies because they aren't done yet, and they leak. This baby, however, is a most superior form of baby. He is pretty much perfect and loved all my jokes!!! He even agreed with me that Snoop Dogg and George Jones are the best poets of our time. He is a very brilliant child.

Usually guys hate it when you talk about your damn cats, but Evan did not even mind that I told him about Roy, my grey cat. Because see he and Roy have something in common, and we talked about that too. I told Evan how I was always afraid to have children, afraid I couldn't be a good enough mom. Afraid I might say, "Please darling, can't you go play with some matches? On the freeway? Mommy has a headache..." But now I have these cats and I love them so much.

Evan said, "bluh huh!"

And I said, "Evan? Did you know Roy has a brain tumor, too? Like you? I mean he's older, almost twelve years old, and you're just three months. But both of you are the smartest two guys I know so basically it must mean your smartness made you have more brain!"

And Evan, who is wise and kind, said, "Bluh huh! Mmm uhm!"

And sometimes I would look across the room and see Allison, who let me hold her tiny precious baby, and I would think to myself, Oh My God she is amazing. Because I would be on the bathroom floor eating my hair if I just had a baby who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And here she just made us artichoke dip and an amazing salad and she runs her own home-based business and calms her baby when he has a seizure.

You can read all about Allison and Evan here
. And if you want to do a little yarn shopping, please check out Super Crafty, Allison's online yarn and needle and pattern and notion shop. She ships within 24 hours -- usually same day -- and I can assure you that your purchase of luscious Noro or amazing (and affordable!) Mission Falls cotton or wool, goes to a self-employed mom and a baby who will be travelling soon to Phoenix for baby brain surgery. Shop your heart out, just this once.

After all, a man who loves to hear me talk about my cats is just nothing but perfection!


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