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December 22, 2006

First Day Of Winter, last day of the week THANK GOD. And I don't mean for the winter part.

At some point I will max out the title length on this diary software and when that day happens, I will be secretly glad inside. Hee.

Last night I went to Stitch 'n Bitch, it was so nice to be able to sneak away from work early and sit and knit on something ... something odd, as usual. I know some folks love knitting socks, and others are addicted to sweaters or tops or anything wearable on the torso region. Some folks find solace in the simple hat. Myself, I am and will always be a scarf girl. I might cheat and make other things from time to time but I always come back to the scarf. It's portable, flexible, doesn't take too long, and best of all you can make one from all the mismatched yarns in your stash:


Ellen, who is always coming up with the most unique ideas and also MY GOODNESS that woman is prolific! She can out-craft and out-crochet anyone in 50 states and two territories so WATCH OUT. Amazing! She made these adorable dolls of her and husband Larry, and they look somehow exactly like the human versions. That is talent! I once tried to make a voodoo doll of a really bad boss at on old job many moons ago, and it came out looking like a slightly stoned and fat pope. The voodoo-ee looked like Doogie Howser and nothing like a pope. Go figure.


And Ellen made Faith a crocheted hat with panels cut from Fresca cans for her birthday present, which was hilarious and also strangely really cute. And while I did not share this factoid last night, because I am sensitive to the fine line one can cross over from "somewhat goofy" to "really sort of scary backwoods CrackerAss McCracker" I will tell you now that when I was a kid we used to summer at a lake resort in Texas. Or, in other words, we would drive out to Possum Kingdom Lake and stay in a camper for a few weeks. And it was the best part of the whole summer, mostly because there was an old guy who lived on a Barge, on POSSUM KINGDOM LAKE, and his name was Elmer and he LOVED all things Budweiser. He drank a fine amount of the king of beers, and he decorated his houseboat with all Budweiser stuff, and wore pants with Budweiser cans printed on them and I loved this guy because he had a shaggy dog he would let me play with all summer, as if it were my own dog. And Elmer actually had a hat with Budweiser cans sewn into it, like the jokey-jokey Fresca hat.

Ah, the sweet memories of youth.

Here is Faith looking fetching in her Fresca Can hat:

Sometimes I get really anxious and nervous in crowds. I was really excited to go to SNB last night, even though I'll admit I was a little bit nervous. I have been pretty isolated for the past few months working on big projects and this was the first time I'd been out and about in a long while. There was only one time when I really wanted to flee, the rest was a lot of fun and if you knew anything about the chaos inside my head, only wanting to hide ONE time is kind of like being NORMAL.

A lot of folks will never get the hermit thing ("Oh for God's sake, Laurie, just go, nobody will bite you." But it has nothing at all to do with that kind of fear, it's isolation, general weirdness and profound fear of rejection all rolled into one tidy and excellent package, treatable at a mere $125 per hour!) and anyway, it's not easy to explain so I won't try here. But if you are like me and you're mostly 100% terrified of any social interaction that doesn't involve paying for wine at the 7-11, then I hope you'll make it your New Year's Resolution in 2007 to try AT LEAST ONCE to go to some sort of gathering, like our Stitch 'n Bitch.

It is not easy, and it is not anxiety-free, and I say stupid things all the time and smell people's yarn and start sentences I forget to end and I get confused because a lot of people are talking at once and I am terrified of being rude and not hearing ALL of them, but ... SO WHAT. Seriously. It's worth it. It's worth every ounce of panic and anxiety just to go somewhere and see nice people and listen to real folks talk, about everything and nothing, and see pictures on their cellphones of cats and Christmas stockings they made, and look at each other's projects, see someone has a new hair style or a lovely knitting bag, just for one night to actually have moments where you interact with other women like an average lady, just someone like everyone else, it is absolutely worth it.

I was lucky and got seated near these two, Laurie Ann and Sarah, who just make you feel welcomed and comfortable with their smiles:

Just seeing this picture makes me happy I went, all over again.

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