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December 21, 2006

Conversations With My Dad #328

(By the way, this whole "taking a break from writing in my online diary" thing is going really well!)

Me: Hey Dad, thanks for the Christmas card!

Dad: Oh, well, we're glad you got it. We weren't sure if the mail would be backed up with that crazy weather in the Rockies.

Me: And with the crazy weather we're having in Los Angeles.

Dad: Really?

Me: Yesterday I left the house in the morning and there was some sort of substance on my Jeep. I thought it was pollution. It was... like snow.

Dad: You had FROST? Did you alert the media?

Me: I can only assume the media already received that memo, since my Jeep was not the only affected vehicle.

Dad: I see. So, what is the weather like today? Is it harsh and extreme?

Me: Well, it's hard, I mean we're currently at what appears to be FIFTY FOUR degrees. And of course you know the worst part, I can't even believe we're having to deal with this, but the worst part...

Dad: ...?


Dad: How will you endure it? Do you think you should leave work early today, just in case this partly cloudy weather continues?

Me: Luckily, Dad, my Jeep has four-wheel drive. And I have a Starbucks in the building so I can load up on supplies prior to the drive home.

Dad: That's my girl, always thinking ahead.

Me: You taught me well... preparation is the key to success!

- - - - - - - -

I do hope that wherever you are, you are warm and wearing a handknit scarf and drinking a strong beverage, especially if some of the mystical "snow" is falling outside. Over here in Los Angeles we will try to endure our partly cloudy conditions with dignity, and with overpriced coffee.

I don't know how much longer the Christmas tree will last, though. Someone's been decorating it with her presence when I'm not home.


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