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December 19, 2006

Cat hijinks and holiday movies and another list.

Because apparently all I can do right now is Make Lists, this is yet another in what can only be described as my long, wordy, grammatically suspect list-making neurosis.

1) The Holiday
Jen and I went to see this movie over the weekend. We were both excited to see some much-needed holiday season fluffy happiness and do a little reality-escaping for a while. Yes. Well. Reality was certainly tossed aside for this movie. I was so disappointed! For one thing, why does Kate Winslet get stuck with Jack Black as her romantic lead when Cameron Diaz gets Jude Law? Maybe I am the only person on the planet who is not a Jack Black fan, but even so... Kate Winslet is a sexy, amazing lady and she gets stuck with Jack Black? And who on earth would believe Jude Law falls in LOVE with Cameron and wants her to be the new mother of his two small children after what appeared to be three nights of drunken sex in a two-week period? Not to mention they first have sex within five minutes of meeting. That's what passes for true love nowadays? Did I really just say nowadays? And I loved how the filmmakers couldn't even come up with real or decent or good dialogue for both the Jude/Cameron all-day montage (so they played music over the talking) and same with the very end -- no good dialogue, let's just play a happy song!

And the whole movie made me flaming mad because basically all movie-makers seems to think there are only two types of single women in this world:

a. Women who are single and mousy and fade into the background with their cat/dog/child and they wear sweatpants all the time and eat ice cream, and they are neurotic.


b. Women who are ball-busters and obsessed with their careers and have no life outside work and dress like men or vixens, and they are neurotic.

I am really sick of this stereotype. There's a whole world of female experience out there, and I don't know anyone who perfectly fits either of these dumb stereotypes, but that's all we see in movies most of the time. Plus, the whole "a woman has a better chance of dying from a terrorist attack than marrying after age 35" thing has not only been totally debunked, it's also insulting and stupid and boring and I cannot believe this movie threw it in there. Hated "The Holiday." Don't waste your eight bucks.

2) But loved Peanuts.
The Charlie Brown Christmas special was on TV, and not only did I watch it for the first time in decades, but I cried about thirty-seven times, because ... oh, the holidays. I have always been the Charlie Brown in my family, bringing home the ugly tree because it looked like it needed me, feeling sad and generally wearing unflattering horizontal stripes. You know when Lucy says, "Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie Browniest!" and it is not a compliment? I cried. That is when I realized that I MAYBE NEED A VACATION. In someplace warm and sunny, where men in little red bikini pants bring you drinks with umbrellas in them. Because that is my fantasy, okay? And the fact that I shared that fantasy out loud at the holiday lunch last and possibly caused my boss to break out in hives of embarrassment? Well, that is the Charlie Brown in me.

3) The Crinkle Cave

Bob REALLY wants to see what is inside the cave. He looks inside and while he thinks it might be Roy, a cat he has known his whole life, he also has never seen Roy INSIDE a crinkle cave. Ergo, it might be not Roy at all, but instead a scary intruder! He was very alarmed at first by a (possibly) new cat inside the new tent. Then he started batting at the thing inside the cave. But he could not, alas, figure out how to get his behemoth bulk inside the cave ... for HOURS. Bob is very charming. He is kind of a himbo. Sometimes he tumps over with no warning at all.

The crinkle cave has been a big hit with everyone except Sobakowa who is, as ya'll know, not really a cat and so not interested in dumb cat things.








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