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November 30, 2006

Knit or Go Home

As promised, screencaps of the shirt Lorelai was wearing on Gilmore Girls this week, and also hey can I ask ya'll a question? At what point do you go from just regular old crazybones to real bonafide weirdo? Is it when you take pictures of your TV and tell people? or when you start living your life based upon what a fictional TV person might do? Or when you think, Lord, I cannot believe it is gale force winds outside and I have to drive in to work and it is COLD at 4:30 a.m., and why WHY don't I live in Stars Hollow?

Just curious.




Found some search results for this T-shirt on cafepress here. Also, for the eleventy two people who have asked me will I please shut up and knit something already ... or have I just kicked knitting aside like a redheaded stepchild? Well! Yes I am working on some knitting. I am knitting ... stuff. It's a single project, really, sort of an ordeal if you ask me. Much like the Mystery Knitted Cat Thing, which will be revealed just any day now. If you believe that, also, I have a cat I'd like to sell you ... real rare. Has all its original claws!

If I don't die of a heart attack from all the stress of the past few weeks (I woke up three days in the past two weeks thinking I was having a heart attack, turned out I had a cat on my chest BUT STILL) then, anyway, I will show you my knitting and stuff and I'm sure you will be... ah. Whelmed. Appropriately whelmed. I am maybe not the best knitter on the planet but I am certainly... unique. heh.

Knit or go home!!!

Posted by laurie at November 30, 2006 9:48 AM