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November 29, 2006

Hey, it's perfectly normal to take pictures of your own television set

Ya'll suppose I just aged myself, what with calling it the "television set" and all?

Anyway, hi! Stars Hollow had a knitathon last night on Gilmore Girls! It is my secret deep-dark fantasy that someone there at the Gilmore Girls Snappy Dialogue Shop reads this here online diary and understands my bizarro WWLGD fixation, and simply added knitting into the show for the sheer enjoyment of the fans and, also, GLORIFICATION of the knitting.

I am maybe delusional, but whatever.

So, Stars Hollow had a knitathon, and here is Lorelai preparing by doing some intensive training at her house:


Here is the town square on the day of the knitathon:

Taylor looks like a mound of Lion Brand boucle threw up on him, in a good way:

All the town regulars plus Christopher gathered around for the event:

Last picture below, of Lorelai and Suki knitting. And because I really am THAT big of a dork, I used the Tivo 5-second rewind feature about eleventeen times to see that they were indeed doing the knit stitch, so they are either amazing method actors or actually knit in real life. That Tivo 5-second rewind thing has spoiled me rotton by the way. I find myself trying to do it with all sorts of things, like the car radio, my CD player, my ipod and occassionally my own mouth. Never works.


So now when I have a dilemma and I am asking myself, What Would Lorelai Gilmore Do? I know the answer. She's probably knit something, then have a slice of pizza. No wonder I love that show.

Posted by laurie at November 29, 2006 10:22 AM