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October 30, 2006

Grammar and traffic, you know it's a Monday. Whoops.

Saw this the other day on cnn.com and it made me laugh:


Because there is some age, I do not know precisely when it happens as it appears to take place on a cellular level, wherein IF you are from the South and IF you have the ability to speak, you one day begin to place the word "the" before the proper names of things you perhaps maybe do not quite understand. For example, the MySpace. I call it the Myspace even though I am not seventy-two and I actually work with computers all day long, and really. I blame it on the demon alcohol, or also just general DNA-type persnickityness.

But if the President of the United States of America can use the Google, I can wax crotchety about the Myspace.

Also, and completely unrelated, if you live in the city of Los Angeles OH MY GOD THE TRAFFIC. I mean, not right now. Right now traffic is probably normal and what have you. But come 5 p.m. this city will grind to a halt, people will be stuck sitting in absolutely impossible unmoving traffic, horns will honk, tempers will flare and all of this is because HOLY CRAP IT WILL BE DARK AT RUSH HOUR.

Somewhere in the few months of Daylight Savings Time we lose the ability to drive in the dark and have to re-learn it. Then of course tomorrow is Halloween, the worst traffic day of the year in Los Angeles. Maybe on Wednesday it will rain and we'll have the trifecta of traffic jams.

I should go check the weather and see what the forecast is. On the weather.com, of course.

Posted by laurie at October 30, 2006 9:51 AM