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September 18, 2006

Why crazy knitters should rule the world.

Hi ya'll! I am back from THE REAL OC and my mom has flown back to Florida and I have already had three cups of coffee and it is only Very Early A.M. and before I tell you why it is specifically that knitters must overthrow the government and rule the world, I would like to show you this:

This is a video I took at a high school football game in which my cousin Dakota was definitely THE STAR and no I am not prejudiced, I can say with full authority that he is sincerely the most gifted of all football players, it's just a fact, really. And I narrate said video with my Cracker Ass Cracker touch, please note the big realization I have midway through, wherein I share a somewhat surprising fact with you about the concession situation.

We spent the day with grandma, and once she was settled in for the evening we all headed out to the game, and did you know how tall and big they are making high school boys these days? Hello, Mrs. Robinson! These are not the gawky dorks I remember shoving each other into the lockers at my own high school and sticking pencils up their noses. Nosiree bob. My mother had to remind me that while they were indeed tall and had cars and drivers licences and cuteness, they were also NOT EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD and ergo, something about jail. Whoops.

Dakota is a SUPASTAR!!!

Going to that football game was a perfect way to cap off a day at the nursing home, and I will tell you why. You feel so alive seeing all those high school kids and their families cheering and carrying on and it was really what we needed, for just a few hours you're so taken out of your own head and you just get swept up in hearing the band and the cheerleaders and seeing the parents get all riled up. And also, possibly it is the most RIPE and fertile ground for people-watching ever created. I am just saying is all.

More pics:



Ok, so now is the part where I tell you why we have to form a political block (blocking!! get it? hah hah!!) or bring back the Grange Party or something, because if knitters ran the world we'd all be war-free and cozy in our knit socks and happiness. Plus, the alpaca would be the national symbol of pride and a sheep would adorn the $100 bill.

Ya'll may not know that I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to receiving gifts, I always feel somehow undeserving and yes I possibly need counseling and some sort of medical intervention. So when Kristy mentioned (on Thursday before I left for THE REAL OC!!) about making a blanket for my grandma, I was real quiet about it that day, and had no idea how to respond since I always seem to flub stuff up so poorly and really, one wonders where my folks went wrong because sometimes I have zero social skills, it is a miracle I am gainfully employed. But! I left for Orange County and while I was down there, I just real casual like mentioned to my grandma that some knitters on the innernets had kind of mentioned knitting up a blanket just for her, and oh you should have seen the look on her face! It was pure happy. She was just pleased as pie to be thought of and fussed over.


And even though I feel spoiled rotten and totally undeserving of such niceness, I can tell you my grandma is most deserving, and most appreciative, and I just think we could probably knit world peace if we set our minds to it! Because while I was away, the innernets were busy making a whole knitalong and blog and frankly if ya'll had been in charge of rebuilding the Gulf Coast ... well, you know where I am going with this. And there are buttons and if you want to make an 8-inch square I do thank you, and if you just want to hug a knitter, that's good enough for me too. Or hug your grandma. Or your local high school football player.

But only if they're 18, of course.

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