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September 1, 2006

Long weekends float my gravy boat

Long weekends are a beautiful thing. They're right up there with green-bean casserole and yarn shopping on my list of Favorite Stuff. Part of the excitement is the prospect of paid loafing-off (the fact that "loafing off" rates high on my excitement meter is a different issue all together.) But the best thing about long weekends -- even planned yearly events like Labor Day -- is their ability to throw everyone off schedule.

There is an un-real quality to a holiday Monday, like a hangover without the unpleasant throwing up and headaches. Everything seems disoriented and off-kilter, banks are closed but the malls are packed with red-tag sales. And while the mail doesn’t come and there’s no school, the grocery store is a madhouse of barbecue crazed people shoving piles of ranch dip into their shopping baskets.

Traffic is completely unpredictable, with rush hour happening at three p.m. on Friday and then freeways deserted (except for the thousands of police cruisers) for the rest of the weekend. Love you, holiday!

Hor-o-scopes coming sometime this weekend, maybe fueled by ranch dip and wine. Also!! On Tuesday the author of "Knit Fix" is doing a Q&A with me, because hello. We have your knitting mistakes here. Mistakes on a plane!

Drive safe, ya'll. And bathe naked in the barbecue sauce if the opportunity presents itself.


Posted by laurie at September 1, 2006 12:02 PM