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September 14, 2006

Hello, website!

It's just busy here and I'm going to visit grandma and my mom and also, there is this thing at work I have to do... something about "being productive" and "not just drinking all the free coffee." Huh!

SO although I have done about no writing at all this month, I do promise to somehow someway have a story to tell you soon and it will likely involve me getting trapped in something, or breaking some expensive and seemingly unbreakable piece of technology, or I will have yet another epiphany involving my gardener very soon. Until then, I have one thing, one teetiny little favor to ask ya'll.


I need someone to discuss it with and that someone is you. What's not to love? We can watch a bunch of people get dirty and eat bugs while congratulating ourselves for the good sense God gave a mule to stay out of all camping-related activities, especially ones where you can't shave your pits for three months and cameras are trained on said hairy pits 24 hours a day. How could ya'll miss that? Now really!

It premieres tonight ... I'm just suggesting is all. Also, did I mention how pretty you look today? And smart. Not that I am trying to flatter you or anything.

Posted by laurie at September 14, 2006 1:57 PM