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September 6, 2006


Hi ya'll!

I won't be doing horoscopes this month, I am so sorry! There's just all kinds of crazy going on over here. My grandma, who is just a real hoot, ya'll would love her, anyway, she has had a stroke and my mom is flying out and then there was this whole brief period of insanity when I thought I should rent a car and bring Roy with me down to Orange County because ya'll know I have this CAT who has many fancy medications and so on, and also I have to watch him like a hawk for signs of paltryness (is it any wonder I have not had children? I would be that mom who does background checks on the schoolteachers and generally makes the other parents nervous).

But luckily, cooler heads prevailed and now Jennifer is taking care of the herd including the high-maintenance one because at some point I realized, hello, I am driving down to meet my mom at the airport with: one cat, all his medication, a cat box, food, water, cat toys, the special blankie, my laptop, various baskets, beds, etc., MY DYSON (!!!!) (because I didn't want him to shed at my grandma's house while she's away, and who knows what sort of vacuum she has, right?) and then it dawned on me that one cannot move one's entire home to Orange County just because one is a control freak and refuses to let anyone out of her sight, as if proximity alone could stave off evil. As if one can control anything, really.

One must trust that there is a limit to "being colorful" and one does not want to cross into "downright scary what with the cat thing and the crying and the cabernet and all" and just hope it all works out. Because really. It's kind of a fine line.

Please think good thoughts for us! And my grandma, who first taught me how to make a mimosa, and my whole crazy family, and my mom who was so sweet she didn't even say a word when I first proposed that I would meet her at the airport with both my cat and my Dyson.

Now that is love. Pass the wine.

Posted by laurie at September 6, 2006 8:27 AM