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September 13, 2006

A picture is worth 47.4 words!

Are ya'll surprised I could fit my whole butt PLUS my handbag in that rental car?

I love my Aunt Pam, she is so freaking cool.

So, I got another email today from yet another Concerned Citizen Of the Innernets that Drew may have been:

A) Kidnapped by me and forced to live in a locked room with no computer access and I refuse to release him from Encino-adjacent and will I please give him back to the crochetworld?

B) Injured in a random yet highly dangerous Red Heart incident and he is tangled and trapped in his studio will I PLEASE CALL THE HOUSTON POLICE ALREADY?

C) Overcome with excitement that the Suri Cruise photos were released and he has abandoned his blog in favor of persuading me to hatch a Suri-scientologist child of our very own.

I am here to assure ya'll that none of these are true and he is fine but hasn't had internet access and I would email each of ya'll individually except remember that time some spammer sent out eleventeen million spams but faked it as coming from my email address? Apparently all sorts of places now block my email for that reason. They believe I am a spammer. Good grief! Technology.

Also, cats!



Posted by laurie at September 13, 2006 10:34 AM