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August 29, 2006

Sign holding is a vocational option.

There's a guy who stands on the corner of 7th and Flower Streets every day holding a sign that says something about Jesus. I'm fascinated with this man, not for his message but for his commitment to standing on the corner of 7th and Flower day after day. He's not obtrusive or obnoxious. He just stands there and holds up his sign. He wears dark blue pleated pants, a plaid shirt and a zippered windbreaker in navy blue canvas twill.

I wonder how he manages to get by, financially, since his devotion to sign-holding clearly precludes having any kind of day job. And unlike many of the people you see standing on street corners down here, the sign man isn't holding out a change cup or asking anyone for money. He just stands there holding a wooden stick that is about three feet tall with white posterboard attached to the top of the stick. The signs are hand-lettered in blue magic marker.

Today he wasn't there.

I wondered if he was sick, and if anyone else had noticed he wasn't manning his self-appointed post. I hoped he was just busy, or maybe trying out a new corner. Suddenly, I felt sad. His commitment to his chosen profession was oddly touching, and I didn't want him to have given up hope, given up on trying to accomplish his goals, given up on sign-holding.

Posted by laurie at August 29, 2006 11:40 AM