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August 15, 2006

In other news, the TSA bans all carry-on toothpaste, hair gel and snakes on the plane

Yesterday I was dead tired from my exciting weekend, so I just gave you the highlights. Part of the reason I was so tired was because of this:

Bob T. Cat

Ya'll know I do love him, because he's so cute and fuzzy-faced and while he has the I.Q. of a cabbage, he's really the sweetest tempered cat you can imagine.

Only, not real bright. And also, afraid of everything including you, me, shoes, air and his own tail.

So combine the fear and a big, 6-foot-four tall Texan male traveler with the rather simple quality Bob has, and you get this: Bob hiding under the bed from the time I walk in the door with Drew, which is around 5 p.m. that first evening. We chitchat and have dinner and hang out and finally, many hours and wineglasses later, we go to bed. Drew is staying in my room, and I am in the spare room and we've literally been asleep for like a minute and a half, because it was that sort of weekend, when sometime in the 4 a.m. hour one Bob T. Cat DISCOVERS THERE IS A STRANGE MAN SLEEPING IN THE BED. And he comes into the hallway and the guest room to find me and he is meow-crying in alarm because C'mon guys! Wake up! There's an intruder in the bedroom! Ya'll wake up! Please, meow?

Sobakowa was not happy. She likes her beauty sleep.

And so Bob carries on in a rather dramatic the-sky-is-falling manner, and I finally calm him down and he's laying beside me and I'm petting him and I fall back asleep.


Because without me petting him, Bob gets bored and wanders out into the hallway, and tries real hard to remember why he came in the guest room, and he's a little sleepy so maybe he ought to go to bed so he goes into the bedroom to get some much-needed sleep and then OH MY GOD THERE IS A STRANGE MAN IN THE BED.

And he proceeds to repeat the whole meow-alarm-wake-up-ya'll routine, and I calm him down, and he forgets why he was upset and I fall blessedly back asleep and wash, rinse, repeat FIVE MORE TIMES.

He is just not smart. At all. And apparently neither am I because it didn't occur to me to just make Drew shut the bedroom door but whatever, it was 4 a.m. and I was likely still tipsy. Whoops!

Also, I cannot believe I had the CROCHET dude here and didn't learn to crochet because have ya'll see this pattern? It's this little wine glass holder coaster thingy that looks like a flipflop! OH MY GOD the cuteness.

Get the free pattern here.

And finally, I know I sort of forgot to mention that our whole division at work moved to a different floor. But we did, and it's closer to the gound level by about ten stories which makes me, Paranoid Of Earthquakes Girl, much happier, and also I have a window office which I love. But anyway, this morning there is a movie crew filming something on the street corner visible outside my window many, many stories down below right and I can literally hear the honking of every mad downtown driver from here. Los Angeles. We are happy about our movie stars and swimming pools, but we really would like you to film somewhere else now and stop blocking traffic. Honk!


Posted by laurie at August 15, 2006 8:50 AM