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August 28, 2006

I Knit, Therefore I Am (buying a bunch of plastic containers to organize my yarn habit)

Who throws herself into a frenzy of decluttering and organization by going to Target and purchasing one bajillion clear plastic containers to hold her perfect, lovely, smellorific yarn?

A knitter, of course.

And who can sit in a house with dishes that need washing and a pile of laundry and a carpet that is desperately trying to grow hairball hands which will dial CPS (Carpet Protective Services) so someone will vaccuum its neglected surface and rather than attend to these dire issues, who will carefully and methodically scrutinize balls of yarn into piles for HOURS? Who will ask the immortal questions: Should I put this wool into ziploc baggies before storing it in the plastic tubs? Should all orange yarns go into one bin, even though some are tragically tacky? Should all art yarns live together or just blue yarns? Can one truly knit anything with this discontinued Patons Up Country seeing as once a knitted item is complete THERE WILL BE A SHORTAGE OF YARN?

Who does that?

Only a yarn-hoarding crazy knitter, of course. That's who.


Posted by laurie at August 28, 2006 9:22 AM