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August 16, 2006

Calling all designers!

I got an email last week ("Hello world, I am at least one week behind on email, at most just 10-12 months behind. Don't mind me. Love, Crazy Lady.") Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes. The email:

Dear Laurie,

I have a great opportunity for your readers and anyone else you know who designs knitting/crochet patterns. I am helping Accord Publishing gather designs for their Knitting Pattern-a-Day and Crochet Pattern-a-Day calendars.

Please include the following information in your blog if you feel like it. It would be a great help to me!

Bella Web Design, Inc. and Accord Publishing are looking for new and creative designers to contribute to the 2008 Knitting Pattern-a-Day and Crochet Calendar-a-Day publications. We are looking for 320 submissions by January 1, 2007. If you are interested, please go to www.knittingpatternaday.com and submit your design and at least one image. (If you can't take a picture of it, you can send the item to Accord Publishing and they will take one for you).

Each submission will receive a free copy of the calendar you submitted a design for. You can submit as many designs as you want. This is a great way to get your designs in a publication that is read worldwide and get some recognition for your talents.

Any questions can be emailed to submissions@knittingpatternaday.com or submissions@crochetpatternaday.com or you can call Desiree Scales at 888-716-9524 for more information.

I know that a lot of ya'll have designed all kinds of yarn-based items that are yarnalicious and yarntastic and need to be published! I believe you should take over the world, one pattern at a time.

You may ask where I will be as you conquer the world with your yarnifigance. Well, glad you asked! I shall be your yarnaudience, your fun(fur)peanut gallery. And this peanut gallery will come stocked with a full bar and lots of snacks. And probably some cat hair, if we're being yarntruthful here.

Vintage 'Sobakowa Inspects Yarn' image courtest of Her Mighty Dictator Graphics, Inc.

Posted by laurie at August 16, 2006 9:04 AM